Prior to Christmas, it had been an exciting few days for my blog. I spent an absolutely wonderful hour and a half chatting to the gorgeous, funny, sweet and smart Erin from Living In Yellow. Her blog is my daily must read – if you’re uninitiated you need to get yourself over there – now! (Ok, after you read the rest of this… but then seriously, go check it out!) Erin just started a consultation program and it is fabulous!

So this whole amazing, blog changing experience has marked the introduction of some new things around here…


I’ve been hatching this idea for a while and I’m excited to tell you, starting in January I’ll be hosting a weekly link-up called Style Sessions. I think we always learn so much from other people and the cute outfits they put together. I also believe we all have a little Rachel Zoe inside, so I think it will be a fun way for us to get together and share our style! Plus, each week I’ll be featuring a ‘Head Stylist’ – so stay tuned, all will be revealed with the first link-up on Wednesday January 16th!

Also I have to tell you, it was so funny – as I was explaining this idea to Erin, something happened to our video chat. I was talking and talking (and talking) and thinking “wow, her head hasn’t moved – she must be so enthralled in what I’m saying! I knew it was a good idea!” Then I also noticed her eyes hadn’t moved… are we having an impromptu staring competition? Ha two can play at this game! It finally occurred to me to awkwardly say, “um, Erin? Are you there?”  Nope, I’d just been chatting away to myself.


Another exciting announcement is that I would now like to extend an invitation for you to advertise your blog or store here. I’ve decided on a couple of options, which I truly believe will offer more value and benefits that just a standard sidebar advertisement. These include:

I hope you like these new options, I’m also very much looking forward to you joining me for the first Style Sessions link-up on Wednesday 16th January!

Now go and have the most fabulous day!!  What are you up to?  I bought a new camera in the sales yesterday, so I’m off to experiment – hopefully I’ll have some great pics to show you! I’ve also linked this up to Random Wednesday and YOLO Mondays.



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