Hello and Happy Saturday!!

I know things have been a little quiet here this week (I’m sorry!)… but it’s because Chris and I are on vacation! It’s always so hard when you’re out and about all day and by the time you get back to the hotel at night, you’re exhausted! I’ve tried on many occasions to let you know what we’ve been up to, but each time I do, I usually fall asleep at my keyboard – which let me assure you does not make for anything read-worthy! I think Chris also finds my late night attempts at responding to emails and writing posts a little irritating, the incessant typing and use of my mouse while he’s trying to sleep has earned me the nickname “clicky”.

Before we start, some things to mention about these photos include:
1.  Despite having a suitcase full of clothes, when I travel I always seem to reach for the same things. This trip has been all about the leopard scarf.
2.  Chris is pretty over me pulling out my camera for impromptu photo shoots.
3.  I still haven’t quite figured out to look down the lens and not at the cool flip around LCD screen on my new camera when taking pictures (as a result, my eyes are rarely focused)

So here we go, my first week of 2013 in pictures…

Enjoying the first day of 2013 in the park, such a relaxing way to start the new year.

We had so much fun at a German themed restaurant!  Chris kicked things off with the most gigantic beer I’ve ever seen…

Of course, it wasn’t long until I followed suit.

All blue skies and sunshine…

…with a picnic lunch in the park.

On our way to dinner… Chris, me and the leopard print scarf again.

Blogging in a hotel bathrobe, is there anything more comfy?

Visiting a (very random, but very fun) street fiesta, it was literally set-up in a car park out of nowhere in the middle of the street…

Chris actually bought 18 books in one day (I think I need to buy some more shoes to keep up!)

An amazing cake shop window, I’ll have one of each thanks.

My new favorite drink – a chocolate frappuccino with pearls (it’s to die!),  enjoying yet another beer and wine stop, on New Years Eve we were fortunate to run into a guitar playing Mario.

What have you all been up to? I hope week one of the new year has been fabulous! Do you have much planned for this weekend? Fill me in!

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