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Three Tips To Help Your Hips

Whether you’re looking to trim down or just want to live a little more healthy, there are a few simple tips which I believe can make a big difference to not just your body, but your mind too. Look better and feel better by adopting these in your daily life…

1.  Make regular exercise a priority and aim for at least three times each week. Physical activity can be beneficial in so many ways, not only in losing weight, but also for your internal health, stress levels and mental wellbeing. Not to mention, you’ll also sleep better too! It can be as simple as a 20 – 45 minute walk or pilates session, just enjoy this time to clear your mind, re-energize and do something for you.


2.  Processed foods are bad news, try to reduce these as much as possible (yes, I know they’re usually delicious, so let’s be real here – cutting them out entirely would be a serious challenge for the best of us!) Processed foods include things like frozen meals, soda, chips, breads, biscuits and sauces. Often packaged in boxes, bags or cans, they’re loaded with sugar and hold little nutritional value. A diet high in processed foods is not only bad for your waistline, but could also cause a number of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Asparagus and Feta

3.  Vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains are where it’s at. You’ll feel amazing if your diet includes a lot more of these. The fruit and veg part is easy, but what are some examples of whole grains? I like to have quinoa with meals, often substituting spaghetti or white rice and using this instead (eg. bolognaise sauce or a chicken stir-fry on quinoa). Another great trick is creating a risotto type dish with it. I just cook the quinoa and separately do some mushrooms, onions, chicken (or whatever you like) and then mix it all together. If you happen to add a little truffle oil, it’s amazing! 

You could also swap white rice for brown rice (if you like sushi, more places are now offering brown rice as an option) and oats are a simple, quick and delicious meal for breakfast.

Recipe: Hot Multigrain Cereal with Blueberries, Almonds and Sage

There’s always room for improvement in my diet, but sometimes it can get confusing – and I think the best way to achieve this is through educating yourself, so you can make better choices.

What health tips do you live by? I love talking about these things, so let’s chat – just comment below or send me an email!




  1. I totally agree on every point, Lauren! It’s been frustrating for me lately with being pregnant and sick, because I just never feel up to doing a workout. I just can’t wait until the morning sickness passes over and I can get back into a routine again, and both feel and look fit and healthy :)

  2. i agree with all of the above and that’s what i’ve been trying to do all the month of januaray and let me tell you, it isnt always easy but it feels great!!

    Bea =)

  3. Great post Lauren. I completely agree with your thoughts but love the balanced approach you take it!

  4. Such simple tips but so so hard to follow. Giving it the old college try yet again, thanks for the post!

    Chelsea & The City

  5. Such an informative post, definitely don’t want to lose hips, lol but I am always interested in finding healthier ways of living! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. That quinoa salad looks lovely! I bought my first bag of quinoa this weekend, and have been struggling with how to use it. I love your idea of subbing it for pasta or rice. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. These are all great tips for the hips! I must say that the part I struggle with the most is exercise! The daylight hours are so few this time of year that I’m completely unmotivated. I love that you say it could be as few as 20 minutes. That’s so true! Maybe I’ll try a brief workout a few days next week to get the ball rolling :)

  8. I ‘try’ to avoid processed foods {do pretty well majority of the time}, I have been working out 3 times a week, and we try not to eat out that much. We will go when friends invite us, but if it’s just the two of us, we typically make healthy meals from scratch. It really helps that we both want to be healthy!

  9. Great tips! I feel that as a mom I usually put myself last and don’t take the time that is needed to exercise. That has been something that I am trying to change this year. So far down almost 10 pounds! Combo of eating healthier and trying to exercise (even if it is only 10-20 minutes every other day). Yay!

  10. Yes…Regular exercise is at the top of the list. It’s something I’m working on. =0)
    Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  11. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site. Our whole family exercise regularly, eat healthy (organic only, no processed food!). A lot of people don’t know that by simply eating healthy you shed the pounds naturally and you stay that way naturally. It’s not even a diet…it’s a lifestyle.

  12. very insightful article btw, really help me to work out my hip, thanks :)

    harga aki mobil

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