With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, the gorgeous Erin from Living in Yellow and I thought it would be fun to get together and talk about love!

A few weeks ago Erin and I put the word out that we wanted to know the biggest lessons you’ve learnt about love, your best pieces of relationship advice and your favorite ways to show someone you love them.

It was amazing to read your responses! We’re so excited to now share your advice and thoughts on love. Today I’m featuring the biggest lessons you’ve learnt about love and Erin is currently giving the low-down on your favorite ways to show someone you love them. Go check it out, it’s a great way to get inspired for Valentine’s Day!

If you didn’t get a chance to answer – we’d still LOVE to hear your thoughts… just comment below, I’m sure there’s still lots more to learn!  And I’m excited to see you back here tomorrow when your best pieces of relationship advice are revealed!

Just when I’ve wanted to walk out or give up, something always happens to show me or remind me why I love my husband so much and couldn’t live without him. Jenny

That its not easy, it’s a lot of work, but so worth it. Melanie, Oh Slow Down

A cliche, but the truth: You cannot change anyone. You may think that you can change yourself to conform to someone else, but it won’t happen. Gayle, A Gayle Force
I’m still learning. I always will be, so I need to be open to growth. It’s ok to change my mind and have doubts. I am still figuring out what is the most important to me. Shannon, Call Me Shannon
Love is not a feeling. Love is a choice. Day in, day out. When you feel like it, when you don’t. You must choose love. Verna, Lantz…Army of 5

Relationships aren’t actually always 50/50. Sometimes they’re 99/1 or 45/55. As long as you never stop trying and working at it, you’ll never lose it. It all balances out in the end. Tienna, I Probably Know

Don’t be over-eager to fall in love. I’ve always been a girl who’s in love with love. Don’t be so caught up in finding someone to love, that you forget they might not be the best person for you. Adrienne, Blonde + Brit

That it doesn’t always happen the way we expect, at the time we expect it to. But when it does, all the waiting and the trials before it become worth it. Jen, Konjo

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learnt About Love? Is that it’s actually amazing. It’s the most special thing in the world and you need to truly value and appreciate every single moment, the big ones and seemingly little ones.

Love requires effort. I always thought love was going to be so easy and natural (like in the movies). But it can be hard at times and really takes effort! Joanna, Everything but Ordinary

That it isn’t a finite thing. It does reduce and divide as new people come into your life; it grows. Lucy, Dear Beautiful

Don’t ever doubt the power of it. Taylor, The Daily Tay

To always be honest and open with one another and talk things out. Life is too short and love is too precious to get wrapped up in the little things or be in an argument. Sarah, Total Basset Case

The more you give and show love, the more love you’ll receive. Michelle, Mish Lovin’ Life

There are conversations and moments meant only for the two of you and telling anybody and everybody about them takes away from your relationship. Keep some things to yourselves and cherish each other. Michelle, Tres Michelle

Love is definitely fun and wild and sometimes carefree, but it’s definitely not a piece of cake all the time! No matter how much I love this man, that doesn’t mean everything is roses and sunshine and rainbows. It’s work. It’s love that brings us through the hard times, rather than turning away from each other at the first sign of trouble. Halie, Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots

When you are with the right person, they truly love you no matter what. No matter how gross you look while fighting the stomach bug or how mean your are during your time of the month…they ALWAYS love you. Chelsea, The Banty Rooster


I always thought that eventually the butterflies would end, that the mad crazy love part would dwindle to a more comfortable companionship and in a way it does, but I learned that with the real thing those butterflies and the madness never fully fade. Traci, Nonsense Things

I’ve learned that love can’t be forced. It just has to happen. While you can maybe push someone in the right direction (I stalked my husband for a year and half!), falling in love with someone takes time. You just have to be brave enough to put yourself out there. Heather, HeatherRight

Take your ego out of it! It’s not always about you. Learn to compromise and be ok with it. Cortne, Coco in Magnolia

Love is a work-in-progress. Love is alive. Meaning, you can’t just leave love alone and expect it to grow. You always need to be working at it. You always need to nourish it to strengthen it! Learn to kindle your love to make it grow! Rachel, Mr. JP & Me

That my other half is an individual, too. When our daughter was first born, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t think of the same things I thought of.  After talking things out, I was reminded that he has a different stress threashold, a different process of thinking and is a whole different person than me. Afterall, this is why I love him; he thinks of things that I don’t and fills the voids that I can’t. Rikki, Life by Rikki

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about love is it’s completely unpredictable. As I grow older, I continue to learn that love is never quite like I expect it to be. It is better and more comforting. Courtney, The Places I Grow


I’ve never before been in a relationship where I didn’t find myself doubting my love for my partner. To me, that’s pretty darned significant. I have never wavered in my love for my hubby; in four years, I have not once thought to myself “I’m not sure if this is right”. That was worth waiting for. Lesley, By The Porchlight

When you meet your soul mate, it’s completely magical. Jen, Life, Love & Puppy Paws

Don’t loose your identity. My husband and I have been together for 14 years, four of those years long distance. This was the best thing for us because we were able to grow and become individuals that complemented one another. Britt, True Britt

Love changes as you change as people and that’s ok. Your love is different from when it first knocked you on your knees and it will be different 5 years from now. What matters is at the end of every day, you still remember the foundation of your love, recognize the greatness of your love and envision your love story in the future. Amanda, 3 Guys & A Gal

That it is real. I didn’t believe in soul-mates, I didn’t understand true bliss and I definitely didn’t believe in the kind of love you see in movies. That is…until I met my husband. This also led to learning communication, understanding and selflessness, but those all started when I was inspired by LOVE. Janna, Perception is Everything

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about love is that there is absolutely nothing in the world that is more important or that needs to be more cherished. When all of the tangibles and unnecessary things fade away, what you’re left with that really matters is love. Katie, Katie Did What

Aren’t you all so amazingly wise!  I’m excited for tomorrow when your best pieces of relationship advice are revealed… Can’t wait to see you here again tomorrow!

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