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Style Sessions Link Up + Introducing Bloggers Closet

I have been looking forward to this edition of Style Sessions for as long as I can remember. Over the last few months, you may recall I’ve mentioned a big project I have been working on. In early 2013, I took a leap of faith and began a journey inspired by you… today is the launch and words can’t really describe my excitement.

When I started Style Elixir, I instantly became so passionate about blogging. Our community and the people within it are amazing; the inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, friendship and culture… there is nothing else quite like it! Of course, I also fell head-over-heels in love with all the gorgeous fashion! I noticed so many fellow bloggers with beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories and jewels. It made me think, their closets must be incredible – and also overflowing!

Have you ever wanted to go inside and shop your favorite bloggers closet? Or are you a blogger with an over-flowing closet?

 photo BC-NewBanner_zpsac74a2ee.jpg

 photo BloggersClosetWebsite-Preview_zps8da00692.jpg

Shop the world’s most coveted closets…

Bloggers Closet is the first of it’s kind! Featuring ‘Buy Now’ and Auction items, you can shop gorgeous dresses, fabulous shoes, dazzling jewels, haute handbags and amazing accessories… bloggers have it all – and now you can too! Exclusive access to shop your favorite bloggers closet is here. Featuring the best brands, latest trends, one-of-a-kind pieces and insider tips, tricks and fashion speak, Bloggers Closet is your ultimate style destination.

Love to shop? Want what they have?  Join Bloggers Closet!


Are you a blogger with an over-flowing closet? Start selling now!

It’s always free to list items on Bloggers Closet, you can find more details about selling here. Being a closet owner is also a fabulous way to network, meet other bloggers, showcase your style and introduce new readers to your blog, as people will discover you through shopping Bloggers Closet!  Apply for your closet now.


I am so excited to welcome you to Bloggers Closet…

I have gathered a group of over 20 fabulous bloggers for the launch, who are all opening their closets to you! I’m sure you’ll recognize some of your favorite faces and hopefully discover new bloggers too. Be sure to come by today and see their closets! I’ve also listed many of my own outfits from Style Sessions – you can shop my closet here.


Style Elixir


Lovely Lately: Black, White and Coral

1 Coral Scarf as seen Jessica Alba Star Style Black Blazer Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Rag and Bone Boots Marc Jacobs Handbag Style Elixir Fashion Blog Outfit Details:  Black Blazer (Zara, last season)   |    Subtle Luxury Cobra Print Coral Scarf (as seen on Jessica Alba… it is the softest scarf I’ve ever owned!)   |   Rag & Bone Black Booties    |   Dark Skinny Jeans (similar from J Brand)    |    Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag    |    Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (my new favorites!)   |   Pave Earrings (on sale, 40% off!)

 photo 2CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps93c5a145.jpg

 photo 3CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps9033a861.jpg

 photo 4CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zpsb05ac670.jpg

 photo 5CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps16e70990.jpg

 photo 6CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps5004413e.jpg

 photo 7CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps3a88b146.jpg

 photo 8CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps36ce2a7e.jpg

 photo 9CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstyleli_zps371d386b.jpg

 photo 10CoralScarfasseenJessicaAlbaStarStyleBlackBlazerRayBanAviatorSunglassesRagandBoneBootsMarcJacobsHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylel_zpsad02a5bd.jpg Outfit Details:  Black Blazer (Zara, last season)   |    Subtle Luxury Cobra Print Coral Scarf (as seen on Jessica Alba… it is the softest scarf I’ve ever owned!)   |   Rag & Bone Black Booties    |   Dark Skinny Jeans (similar from J Brand)    |    Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag    |    Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (my new favorites!)   |   Pave Earrings (on sale, 40% off!)


Meet Our Head Stylist…

Our gorgeous Head Stylist is Vale, from Fashion & Cookies! Whether it’s styling outfits, shopping for the latest trends or make-up must haves, this girl knows it all…

 photo Cookie2_zps0ac71f16.jpg


What is your go-to look?  I’ll wear almost anything as I love to experiment and to change. Anyway, my go-to look involves jeans that I can easily accessorize with high heels and a statement piece, for example a sequin sweater or nice jacket. I never forget a beautiful bag that stands out and often a statement necklace.

Which fashion trend are you currently loving?  After a real tartan galore, one of my favorite fall/winter trends so far, I am currently totally hooked by the pink coat trend and from faux fur jackets. I’ve been buying many outerwear pieces lately. I also have a growing fedora hats collection.

What inspired you to start your blog?  I started my blog about 3 years ago because I wanted to share my everyday outfits, my finds and my wishlist with people from all over the world. I totally love blogging and I am thankful for all the feedback and for the people I get to know thanks to it!

Name three beauty products you couldn’t live without:  My foundation – Guerlain’s “Lingerie de Peau”, Benefit “That gal”, a silky pink primer and black Make Up Forever “Aqua smoky lash” mascara.

How would you describe your style?  My stile is eclectic, I love both casual and elegant outfits. I like to follow trends but I always try to give my looks the personal touch. I am fascinated by the way what we wear can help us to build self-confidence and find our true self.

To discover more about Vale, visit Fashion & Cookies today!

 photo SSLinkUp_zpsc9a8a90f.jpg

Are you looking to grow your blog or store?
If so, I’m currently taking advertising bookings! For more details, just click here or email me.
Also, if the Friday’s Fab Favorites Co-Hosting opportunity is of interest to you, simply send me an email for more details!
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  1. Congrats Lauren!!!! I’m so proud of you!! 2014 is starting off great for you, and this is only the beginning pretty girl!!!

  2. This is amazing Lauren!!! I am so happy for you! Xo

  3. Beautiful Scarf and I love how Rich & Luxe your Leather Bag is. Check out my Emerald Green Outfit, today. And also check out yesterday’s post. I promise it will put a smile on your face. =)

    Have a Great Tuesday!!

  4. Wow Layeen! This is awesome! I’m so happy for you and this is amazing!!!

  5. My phone wanted to call you a different name. Lauren!!! But I am happy for you, friend!

  6. This looks absolutely amazing Lauren! Such a great idea and looks so well done too. Will have to take a really good look around later. Wish you all the best with this :)

  7. Wow! What a fantastic idea! I have been meaning to sell some of my clothes and wasn’t really sure how I wanted to go about it…and now I know! I just applied for my closet. So excited!

  8. Wow, how exciting! Love the idea! Also I’m loving your pretty scarf and amazing boots in today’s outfit!

  9. Um, yes, totally need to join this and get some items sold! I’ll def look into it. Love the blazer – so sharp! (:


  10. I love your outfit – what a great scarf! Very nice! Congrats on your latest venture. This is a genius idea! :-)


  11. This is an awesome new project and I love how its blogger specific. Congrats on launching it! I cannot wait to use it.

  12. This is one killing inspirational outfit! And thanks for this great idea. Happy to join!

  13. Congratulations Lauren, your new site looks fantastic, and SUCH a clever idea, clever YOU! Very sad however that I can’t apply for a closet here from London – hope you’ll be adding the UK in soon! Wishing you all best of luck with your fab new project x

  14. Lauren, you look great! So simple and classic but the scarf adds just the right amount of color pop and interest! Love that your looks are always so effortless!
    Thanks so much for hosting week after week!

  15. What a wonderful idea Lauren… always come up with the best ones. And this outfit is always a winner for me!


  16. This is so awesome Lauren!! Exactly what I was thinking about yesterday! I am definitely joining…Loving this new venture…you keep rocking my lady!!

  17. This is such an AMAZING idea Lauren! Congratulations! I work for a fashion based charity…let me know if you’re ever interested in contributing!

  18. So excited for you!!!! I know you have worked so incredibly hard for this day and launch. I am honored to be apart of it!! xoxo And you look stunning! This look is KILLER!

  19. Congrats Lauren!!! This is an amazing concept and I am so excited for you!

  20. congratulations on this new venture! this is awesome! :)

  21. Lauren, I am so excited about bloggers closet, what an amazing idea!!! Thanks for putting your time and effort into it. I’ll surely be shopping and plan on adding my closet as well! Thanks!!

  22. Obsessed with the idea of Blogger’s Closet- need to check into this asap. Congrats, babe!


  23. congrats girl, this is amazing! what a fabulous idea & the site looks lovely. i’ll definitely be checking it out on the regular.


  24. This is amazing, I’m so excited to explore, shop, and possibly sell! On another note, your pictures look awesome. Those booties need to be in my closet asap!! I have a handbag that looks similar to yours, only mine is Steve Madden and a tad less structured. I love the pop of color with a neutral outfit, too!

  25. Congrats Lauren on your new adventure! I will need to stop by and check it out – I have ton of clothes to sell. Love this outfit the black jeans with the black boots is so slimming and makes your legs go on for miles!


  26. Love your look, so classy!

  27. this is such an amazing concept! Congrats on the launch. I’m looking forward to shopping the bloggers closets :)

  28. How exciting!! Congrats on your new venture. I can’t wait to check it out!! Sounds fabulous!!


  29. Congratulations Lauren, what a fantastic concept!


  30. Wow! Congrats Lauren – totally awesome idea!

  31. Congrats Lauren!! What a fantastic idea- you’re so innovative! And PS I love that scarf- I don’t have many things in that color so I am thinking I need it! Especially if it is super soft :)


  32. Love this look Lauren! You look crisp and tailored yet relaxed. And what a great new project – I will definitely check it out! x

  33. I’m so happy for and proud of you Lauren! You are inspiring in so many ways!

  34. This is so fun! I’m so excited to join this community! I’ve been wanting to get in on shop my closet sites but I wasn’t too thrilled about any of the existing ones. I just joined Bloggers Closet and I’m already a big fan! Fair prices. That’s the best part. :)

  35. Congrats, what an AWESOME business! I can’t WAIT to join!

  36. What an awesome idea, congratulations! I’m already thinking of signing up my closet …. :D And wow, we had similar ideas today, as I also wore skinny jeans, ankle boots, and an orangey coral scarf. You look great!

  37. Fantastic! Congrats on such an amazing endeavor.

  38. Lauren, this is so amazing! Congrats! And your outfit is so classic, love!

  39. Great look on you. Love that you added the scarf to make it chic.


  40. Big congrats on your successful project! That must be a great feeling! :)


  41. Congrats, Lauren! Looking forward to checking it out , sounds amazing and am very excited for you :)

  42. Hey Lauren – I have been out of the blogging loop for a few months (found out I was pregnant early Nov. and just got lazy). I miss linking up for style sessions but so glad to see that you are still going strong and look absolutely amazing as usual. I LOVE the Bloggers Closet website, it’s so perfectly put together and organized and such a great idea. Congrats!!

  43. Bloggers Closet looks terrific! Congratulations on the launch. I will start shopping there right away! It’s a great collection of pieces.

  44. Congrats Lauren! This is such an exciting endeavor you’ve started!
    I can’t wait to look through all of the closets and your website itself! Way to go :)

    xo, Paige

  45. Congratulations, Lauren!!! Wow. I am super impressed. This is great. I always wondered why there wasn’t one place for bloggers closets and I always wondered the same thing – do bloggers sell their items? P.S. I was wondering when we were going to see the blonder hair on your blog :-)

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  46. Good luck with your new adventure! x

  47. That is such a great initiative, Congrats babe!

  48. The Bloggers Closet idea is genius!! So awesome–I just bookmarked it. :) Also loving this look!

  49. what a great Idea!! Love all the bloggers involved & their style
    xo Jessica

  50. Lauren, you are amazing. When I worked with you just a month ago, I had no idea you were working on something so huge! You were so on top of everything with my sponsorship even while balancing all of this! You’re definitely proof that hard work pays off. Congrats on everything! I’m definitely now a proud member of Bloggers Closet!



    Bloggers CLOSET!! WOW. Who would have known that you were planning something so original? Brilliant. I can’t even imagine how many bloggers put themselves in debt to be able to offer the latest looks for their readers, only to be stuck with too many clothes and inadequate outlets like ebay to sell them.

    THIS IS brilliant. This is better than affiliate marketing, this is so forward thinking.

    Honestly, I’m impressed and I think your site will have a huge impact. I will be creating my closet to sell my HUGE collection of alligator and python belts that can’t be found anywhere online because they are all from small artisans in the area of Italy where I live.

    Thank you for this idea, for investing your money and time to create it and I’m so happy to be able to participate.

    It will be a huge success.

    Angie from
    reasons to dress

  52. Congrats on your new venture! Bloggers closet looks awesome. :-)

  53. Congratulations lady!!! That is a HUGE deal! AND… totally on Bloggers Closet AND just made my first sale! Yahoo!
    So glad you took the leap of faith! It will be a huge success!

  54. HI Lauren! How wonderful! Congratulations! That is truly amazing! I am so happy for you, you nailed it! xx :D

  55. Lauren, congrats for this amazing project, best of luck, I am sure it’s gonna have a huge success because it’s a great, great thing ! And thank you again for featuring me as head stylist, it’s a honour since I love your blog and style ! Hugs from Italy :)

    Fashion and Cookies

  56. Congrats on the big launch! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to go shopping at Blogger’s Closet! Thanks so much for sharing!



    (I just launched my fashion blog and currently have a giveaway offering $250 worth of credits for a Facebook campaign/advertisement that can be used towards your blog or business!)

  57. I love the color of the scarf against all the blacks.

  58. Super cool news about the bloggers closet shop website!! You’re totally awesome!!! :D
    Gorgeous outfit on you!

  59. Fabulous Torture says:

    Girl, you’re amazing! You work so hard and doing awesome job! I’m going to link up with you today. Congrats on your closet! You’re the best!

  60. I know I’m a little late, but CONGRATS on the new website! I have already been on there and there are some great items! It must be an amazing feeling to have a huge project come to life.

    Loving the sleeves of that blazer!


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