Let’s talk beauty today! In particular, my favorite hair care products right now. You may remember, a few months back I got my first keratin treatment done at the salon. I’d heard so many good things about the process and how amazing it is for repairing hair, making it soft and smooth, in addition to reducing styling time by more than half. The keratin treatment itself was fabulous, it definitely made my hair much easier to manage and quicker to style – sometimes I even wore it naturally… which is a big feat for someone who is completely addicted to their GHD flat irons (which are amazing). But, the take-home shampoo that accompanied my salon keratin treatment package was very ordinary to say the least.

Until two weeks ago, I thought a few months back my hair had just magically changed into a heavy mop that required washing on the daily. Now that I look back, surprisingly I didn’t join the dots and recognize it was the shampoo I’d switched to. I only realized that after I bought a new shampoo and discovered it is completely amazing!

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Before I get into the specifics, I’ll mention this is not a sponsored post in any way, I just adore my new shampoo / conditioner and like any good girl friend, wanted to share it with you! I’ve been using the Organix line, specifically the Brazilian Ever Straight Keratin Therapy collection and it is so fantastic! Have you ever tried it?

Aside from how gorgeous this range leaves your hair, the best part is, it’s super affordable. I’ve previously used shampoo and conditioner from the salon, which are quite expensive, but I think this one is better and it’s only $7.99 for the Ever Straight Shampoo or Ever Straight Conditioner. I also started using the Flat Iron Spray, it smells divine (like coconuts!) and makes ironing so easy, plus it leaves my hair ridiculously shiny and feeling so soft. When I was  shooting Style Sessions for tomorrow, my photographer even asked, “are you doing something different with your hair? It looks so shiny and smells amazing”.

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As mentioned, with the other shampoo my hair used to get so heavy (almost immediately after washing!) and I would need to wash it everyday (or use dry shampoo). I thought it was me, but since I’ve been using these products I am back to washing every three days. Which is fabulous, as I really don’t love blow-drying and ironing my hair all the time. The collection is sulphate and sodium free, which is what you need to ensure hair maintains it’s straightening memory.

I also discovered the range has a 30 Day Keratin Smoothing Treatment. My sister and I both bought boxes and are excited to try it! Fingers crossed this keratin treatment works well, it’s definitely a lot more affordable than the salon version I had done a couple of months back. It received some mixed reviews online, but I think the key will be to follow the directions explicitly. Those who did seemed to get brilliant results… you have to flat iron it in and not tie hair up or allow hair to get wet for 48 hours – it’s the same rules as the salon keratin treatment I had done and if you don’t follow it, the results aren’t as good.

So ladies, if you’re on the hunt for new hair care and want something amazing, but totally affordable – I’d definitely recommend this range (they even have a three piece starter kit for $10.99).

Tell me… have you tried this collection? Otherwise, what hair care range do you use and love? What are your thoughts on salon-only ranges vs. the drug store varieties?

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