I was looking online today for one of my favorite fragrances (Cinema, by Yves Saint Laurent) and I’ll admit, it’s not like I actually need any – I just have a bit of a thing for perfume (oh ok, judging by my bathroom cabinet I have a thing for quite a few other products too!). I think every girl needs multiple perfume options so you can customize for your mood, the occasion and the weather!

The calm exterior of my bathroom cabinet… luckily it doesn’t elude to all that’s inside!

One thing I noticed while shopping is just how many celebrities have fragrance lines. It’s unbelievable! Everyone from Britney to Bieber are getting in on the action – and that can only mean one thing… celeb scents = big cents!

Did you know Britney Spears’ perfume empire is worth an estimated $1.5 billion? Or that Madonna’s was reported to earn $60 million in 2012 from one fragrance alone?!  So it got me thinking, who are the key players in this lucrative fragrance game? I’ve rounded up some of the big names and would love to know if you’ve experienced any…

Clockwise from top:

What are your thoughts on celebrity perfume? Is it something you’d buy, or do you prefer a more traditional fragrance house? 

If you have a signature scent you wear all the time – I’d love to know what it is! Mine are Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent, Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture and E’clat D’Arpege from Lanvin.


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