I was at dinner last night when I saw a couple come into the restaurant, it was just a casual place (not a white table cloth in sight) and when the man arrived at the table, he pulled the chair out for his date. I swooned. I completely swooned at that gesture. It really made me smile and I thought ‘wow, she’s got a good one there’.

I love that Chris owns this book, How To Be A Gentleman

Little things like that just melt my heart, whether it’s for myself or happening with someone else, I think it’s so wonderful. Perhaps this generates such a reaction from me because, unfortunately, you seem to see it less and less these days (I feel about 90 years old saying that sentence!).

Maybe I value it so much because my Dad is eternally a true gentleman. He’s always opened doors, walked on the road side of the footpath, stood back to let ladies go before him – it’s just totally second nature, he doesn’t even flinch or hesitate. And he still carries an ironed handkerchief in his pocket every single day. Chris (my boyfriend) owns the book above called “How To Be A Gentleman” and I like flicking through it – one of the first points is that a gentleman always carries a handkerchief!

I adore that Chris also has such gentlemanly qualities, he is diligent about walking on the road side of the footpath, which I love. I remember the night I first met him, one of his friends swore in conversation and Chris apologized to me for this. The next night I was having drinks with one of my best friends telling her about this fab guy I’d met and recounted that story, I just thought what a lovely rarity this man is.


I know, in the age of female empowerment, the place of chivalrous gestures can be taken two ways. I’ve heard some women are offended by it – “I can open my own doors!” they say. And the other side, the one I’d say I’m on – “Why didn’t he stand aside and let me pass?”.

What are your thoughts on chivalry? Which camp do you fit into, the lovers or the haters? I’m also intrigued to know, which gestures do you cherish?

(P.S As I’m writing this post, Bruno Mars just came on my iPod… Yes, Bruno – you should’ve bought her flowers and held her hand!)


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