There’s something that is just so much fun about playing with color! It’s amazing the way a hue can speak volumes, without us ever having to say a thing. In my hunt for a new handbag, I actually ended up stumbling upon something completely unrelated (as you do)… lot’s of cute bright dresses! I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you…

Dress Details:  Cobalt Blue (on sale!)    |    Green    |    Pink Stripe (on sale!)

 photo BrightDresses2summercolorfulCollage_zps805f7213.jpg

Dress Details:  Magenta    |    Yellow    |    Orange

Which dress do you like best?  What’s your favorite bright color to wear? 
At the moment I’m loving magenta, cobalt blue, or vibrant green. I think they’re such fun colors, but equally stylish too. I also adore accessorizing with other complementary brights such as blue with orange, pink with red or yellow, or green with blue (that old adage “blue and green should never be seen” is simply not true!)

 photo laurensig_zpsa45e2978.png


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