Helloooo and Happy Friday!!

I’m so excited it’s almost the weekend! I thought it would be fun to do a catch-up each Friday, chat about the week and our plans for the weekend!  So let’s kick things off…

Ok, first thing’s first. How good is Halloween? To celebrate, I baked some cupcakes to take into work. They were carrot cake flavor, with vanilla cream cheese frosting and Hershey’s chocolate shavings on top! Delish!

I heard today the power outages in New York could last another ten days! My sister lives there and has been enduring freezing cold showers and candle light. It’s kind of hard to believe such a global hub like NYC can be without power for that long. I’m sending good wishes to everyone there!

As you can probably tell, I just started my blog this week and so far I’ve been trying to figure it all out (how good is Google!) I’m now working with a fab blog designer and a whole new look is being created as we speak! I can’t wait til it’s finished – beyond excited to show you!
A special tweet from my favourite blog Living In Yellow totally made my week!  Thank you Erin! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the amazing Living In Yellow, if not you have to check it out – so much fun!

My new cushions arrived! Super excited they finally turned up. I’ve been loving the Jonathan Adler letter pillows for the longest time, but decided to be a little frugal and opt for a less expensive version. I’m kind of obsessed and want to put them everywhere now!

We’re going on a little getaway this weekend – and I can’t wait!  I loooove mini holidays. Chris is doing a triathlon (I most certainly am not), but I’m a great cheer squad. I’m also really good at reading magazines, eating breakfast and online shopping for three hours while he’s off swimming, cycling and running 😉

What are you up to this weekend?  I’d love to hear your plans!


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