I’m writing to you tonight from the couch – wine in hand, laptop on knee and adorned in gloriously comfy pajamas. Which is the exact thing inspiring this post. The second inspiration is the Eurythmics song of the same name, I can’t get it out of my head now (click the link so you can sing along too!)

A few months ago things got a little crazy at Victoria’s Secret. My intended underwear purchase quickly spun out of control into t-shirts, blouses, leggings and pajamas. Their stuff is just too pretty!! However, my favorite purchase of all was the Afterhours Satin Pajamas, which have probably become my most loved item of clothing. 

Needless to say, I was obsessed and within a week had ordered three more pairs online. My stash now includes leopard print, leopard hearts, pink/white candy stripe and black. For the finishing touch, I also found some super cute gold sequin slippers from Peter Alexander!

I love to wear them when I’m just lounging at home. It’s nice to be comfy but still look and feel good, not just always hang out in sweat pants. These babies were the answer to my pajama prayers!  Victoria’s Secret always have new colors coming out too – have you seen their red polka dot ones?  I really want to buy them for Christmas!

You see, I’m pretty into the festive season and have been trying to get my family into matching themed pajamas for years, but they just won’t go for it. I know it’s super cheesy, but I think it would be fun!  

I can’t understand why they don’t want to wear this! 🙂 Pick yours up now – they’re the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Footed Pajamas” and wait for it … they feature a drop seat butt flap. Yes. You can’t say I don’t share style around here!

I have also linked this up to Random Wednesday, a fun weekly link-up party sharing anything and everything!

So tell me – what’s your go-to outfit for wearing at home? Have you tried these VS pajamas? I’d also love to hear if your family does matching Christmas pajamas?


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