As you may remember, last week I collaborated with Joelle from A Charming Occasion, Elisabeth from Bella and Abbey from Along Abbey Road to bring you our take on Spring Wedding attire. Well, as any good guest would know it’s not just about dressing to suit the occasion, it’s also about putting together a heart-felt, thoughtful present. So today, we bring to you our gift idea inspiration – and hopefully next time you attend a wedding, selecting that perfect present won’t be so tricky!

I discovered this book called The Story of a Lifetime and absolutely love it! This stunning keepsake chronicles a person’s life by asking all sorts of questions, little things such as “what is a typical family meal like?”, through to “what was your engagement proposal?” From the simple to the provocative, almost 500 questions cover careers, college, leaving home, parental relationships, raising children, traditions and milestones. This memoir is perfect to also pass onto the next generation!


I know it’s been around for a while, but I adore the trend of names, initials and crests on things! Does anyone remember the Jonathan Adler woven letter pillows, as seen on Giuliana and Bill? Well I fell in love with them and had to get a set for our own home. I’ve also seen so many other fabulously personalized pieces that I would love to give (and one day receive!) for a wedding…

Ok, so this is one I’ve heard of that I love and think is so cute! You always hear people say (in movies anyway) “the first year of marriage is the hardest”. Why do you think this is so? Is it because there’s a shift between the mentality of ‘dating’? Well, surprise the Bride and Groom with a variety of vouchers for activities in their first year! Every month you could organize something for them… like a dinner date at a restaurant, a fun day out enjoying a new experience, learning a hobby or sport together – basically they’ll be tourists in their own town! I know this type of gift can really add up in price, so why not get a group together and each person looks after one month each?

What gifts have you given or received that you feel are memorable? 
I’d love you to share them here – we can create the ultimate gift guide!

P.S The lucky w
inner of the $100 Shabby Apple Gift Card is Danielle Webber!

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