It’s that time of year… the season transition. Not summer, not winter, a strange middle ground where you need to think ahead for the day and bring a little of everything when you leave the house!
Layering is always a great option, but my best tip for year-round style is a blazer. Eternally chic, this wardrobe must-have is a perfect way to go from warm days to cool nights, casual to dressy, desk to dinner date in an instant. I’m mildly addicted to this floral blazer I recently bought (worn here) – it’s an easy way to indulge in the latest trend, whilst remaining classic. I’ve always got an eye out for fab blazers and today, I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you…

Item Details:  White with Black Collar Blazer (on sale!)   |   BCBG Red Blazer (on sale!)   |   Wallis Cobalt Blue Blazer (on sale!)   |   By Malene Birger Tweed Blazer   |   Finders Keepers Floral Blazer   |   Wallis Black Blazer (on sale!)   |   J.Crew Stripe Blazer   |   Hoss Intropia Sequin Detail Blazer (on sale!)
Which one is your favorite?
 I am obsessed with the first blazer, this white one with black collar. It is beyond gorgeous – I think I really need it!
Tell me…  
How do you transition style between seasons?  Do you have a go-to piece? Oh and remember – if you’d like to update your wardrobe, be sure to enter the $100 J.Crew Gift Card Giveaway! It’s open worldwide.

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