We talk a lot of fashion around here, but you know what? No outfit is complete without a beautiful ‘do. After the handle on my last brush broke off mid-blow dry, I vowed from that day forth to always purchase quality brushes. SO my search for the best hair brushes under $10 began… I visited the “latest” and “greatest” brushes everywhere from Sephora to Nordstrom… however, the thing is, I don’t really want to spend $50 plus on a brush. Right or wrong, I’d rather buy a cute top or a new lipstick instead.

Following many long weeks of hunting down honest reviews online, I realized I wanted to replace my entire set of brushes and add a couple more to my arsenal. I’ve been using these for a while now and I looove them – so of course, it’s time for me to share them with you! Here are the hair brushes you need for a perfect blow dry…


The Best Hair Brushes Under $10

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that yes, you can get by with just one brush… but you wouldn’t want to. After having a selection of brushes in my repertoire, I’m the first to confirm that the results you can get, simply by using different brushes customized for achieving different looks, are fabulous! Here are four of the best hair brushes – ans they’re all under $10. Holy hair brush! This is the collection you need…

the best hair brushes the wet brush review how to get the best blow dry


The Best Hair Brushes Under $10 – Number One:

I’d never used a proper comb or brush after washing my hair (I know you’re supposed to) and when I found The Wet Brush I wanted to try it. Gals, it is honestly the BEST! I can’t even think about brushing my wet hair with anything else, it makes a huge huge HUGE difference. I also use it when I curl my hair as it’s gentle and doesn’t pull my curl style out, plus before my hair got long and I use to use clip-in extensions, it was great for gently brushing them. Can you believe it’s only $8.99? You can find The Wet Brush here.

the wet brush review of the best hair brushes under $10

The Best Hair Brushes Under $10 – Number Two:

Ahh now it’s time for the everyday staple of the group. If you’ve never used a paddle brush, girl, you’re missing out! I upgraded to this Ion Golden Wood Paddle Brush and it’s fabulous! I chose this as it has boar bristles for adding smoothness and shine, plus the ionic bristles help to condition hair. I also love that it’s all one piece of wood and you can instantly tell this brush is great quality. It’s just $9.99 and you can get the Ion Golden Wood Paddle Brush here.

wood paddle brush review the best hair brushes under $10

The Best Hair Brushes Under $10 – Number Three:

Want the ultimate blow dry? You need the ultimate brush of course! After the handle fell off my old round brush mid-blow dry, I vowed to always buy quality and get a fantastic new round brush – and after much searching, I found it! This Beautique Tahiti Wood Thermal Round Brush is absolutely brilliant. Featuring boar bristles for smooth and shiny hair, it’s thermal properties mean hair is quicker to dry. It’s currently on sale for just $6.99 (so you can now have a salon beautiful blow dry every day), get the Beautique Tahiti Wood Thermal Round Brush here.

thermal round blow dry brush review the best hair brushes under $10


The Best Hair Brushes Under $10 – Number Four:

After deciding I needed a little va-va-voom and volume injection in my hair, I recently become re-acquainted with the teasing comb. The Amped Up Tease Brush is wonderful! Featuring boar bristles for smoothness and shine, it also has a special bristle pattern and texture to reduce damage, breakage and frizz. Oh and I love the sectioning tip at the end, it comes in very handy for styling and also putting in extensions. You can get the Amped Up Tease Brush here for just $4.29.

teasing brush review the best hair brushes under $10

Tell me girls, do you currently have a selection of brushes in your repertoire? What’s your holy-grail brush?


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