It finally hit me this week, December isn’t far away at all… which means, two weeks tomorrow (on December 3), I am turning 32! Yikes! I truly don’t feel that age… I swear I’m still 26. Do you ever feel the same? I love asking people this… if you were asked your age, what’s the number your head goes to instinctively? I feel like I’ll always think 26. If you’ve been here with me for a few years (thank you!), you may remember a birthday letter to myself that I wrote and published three years ago, on the eve of my 29th birthday. I recently read back through it and am so glad I took the time to write it all down. I hope you may enjoy reading it too, it’s a little piece of what’s in my heart and shares my lessons, hopes, fears, dreams and gratitude.

So with December almost here… it means Christmas isn’t far away… only five and a half weeks! I started my Christmas shopping this week,, you’ll find my gorgeous Christmas Gift Guide ideas below. In past years I’ve been so busy and left shopping to the last minute, then I stress out and have to pay for express shipping. It’s so much better just ordering gifts online now and having them arrive in plenty of time! I do all my Christmas shopping online now, it’s far easier than vising stores – especially when you’re shopping for lots of different people!


I am so obsessed with Replica Perfume by Maison Margiela, they’re beautiful fragrances specially designed to recreate a moment and memory.  I picked up my first bottle in New York recently and quickly added to my collection with some others. They’re really unique as each scent has been specially created to replicate a place and evoke fond memories, I feel scents are so powerful in transporting you places. The three I have (so far) are Beach Walk, the provence and period is Calvi 1972… Funfair Evening, Santa Monica 1994… and By The Fireplace, Chamonix 1971. They truly are exactly as the scent describes – Beach Walk just makes me feel like I’m on summer holidays with warm breezes, salty air and sweet coconuts, Funfair Evening really takes me to the gorgeous days I’ve spent in Santa Monica and By The Fireplace is absolutely divine – it’s a rich scent that just feels like you’re sitting in a luxe leather chair by the fireplace in France. Perfect for winter! There’s nothing else like them, I am just so in love with the range and really wanted to share them with you!

I’d love to hear from you, do you do your Christmas shopping online? I’ve been wondering if more and more people have gone online instead of stores, it’s interesting how things change. Leave a comment and let me know where you’re from and how you plan to do your shopping, I’d love to hear about it! Also, I’ve been wondering how much people generally spend on Christmas gifts… what price range do you like to stick to when hunting for gifts? Is it under $50? Under $100? Over $100? I generally splurge on my immediate family (Chris, my mum and dad, my sister Georgia), as I just love getting them special things they’ll love, then for others I try to keep it around $50.

Gorgeous Christmas Gift Guide – Under $125

christmas-gift-guide-ideas-victorias-secret-onesie-pajamas-maison-margiela-replica-beach-walk-reviewChristmas Gift Guide:  1. Beach Walk, Replica perfume by Maison Margiela (there’s also this gift set with a gorgeous candle)    |   2.  I’m Grateful For Monogram Mug, $13    |    3. Sugar Lip Crush Set    |    4.  Tassel Pendant    |    5.  Voluspa Candle Set of Four (only $32!)    |    6.  The Fireside Hooded Onesie Pajamas    |


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