I had so much fun virtual shopping with you all recently – thank you for sharing your thoughts, votes and advice! This green dress was your clear winner and I love it – it’s perfect for the office. When I went back to buy it there was a 30% sale on, so I actually ended up getting four dresses! I had good intentions to buy just one, but at 30% off, I’m practically making money! I got the green dress, the fuchsia dress, a black peplum dress and also a deep purple peplum style! It’s been so nice having new outfits to wear to work everyday. 

I went to browse the stores again over the weekend and decided since I had such fun shopping with you all last time, I’d like to do it again! I’m deciding between four new tops and I’d love your opinion on which one I should buy! Take a look below and let me what you think…

I like them all for different reasons… the last one with the navy stripes and gold embellished shoulder detail is quite nice for casual weekends, but I also love the others to dress up or down!  

Which one do you think I should buy?

P.S  I’ve linked this up to YOLO Mondays!

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