With only three days left in 2012, I feel mixed emotions. It’s been an amazing year and I’ve had the opportunity to do so many brilliant things, but it’s hard to believe how quickly the time has flown by! 

One whole year.

Do you remember when you were really young and a year would feel like an eternity? Now it’s scary how fast 365 days goes.

So this time a year ago, I was on my very first holiday with Chris (we went to Vietnam). You know what that first vacation together is like, it’s kind of make or break. It was an incredible trip and now happily, one year on, I’m sitting in our hotel room on another holiday together.

New Years Eve 2012, Vietnam  (yes – that’s me in a backpack… first time I’d ever wore one & haven’t done so since)

I always seem to spend these last few days of the year a little nostalgic for what has been, but equally excited for what I want to make the next year.

Notice I said what I want to make the next year? I truly believe that – it’s up to us to create the best year of our lives. So in thinking about 2013, I’ve set my challenge for the next few days to dream BIG. And I encourage you to do the same!

I often find New Years resolutions are over before they’ve even begun. Last year one of mine was “I will not eat any fries for a whole year”. Fast forward to 1:30pm January 1st 2012… I’d just ordered some fries for lunch.

So instead of resolutions, this year I am creating goals – and focusing on positive ones (rather than not doing something, I am going to do something). I still have much thinking and dreaming to do in the next couple of days, but I do know three things. I want to…

1.  Run my first half-marathon.  I’d like to point out, I am not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been doing a little training each morning before work for the last three months, so I want to keep going and kick things things up a notch.

2.  Create a true community, genuine friendships and great content with my blog.  I want to do BIG things with this! Since starting 8 weeks ago, I’ve loved every minute and continue to be amazed at all the wonderful people I meet. I relish the creativity blogging allows and am so excited to continue building something I’m passionate about and love doing.

3.  Be a tourist in my own town.  You know when you visit another city, you always think “Wow! There’s so many fun things to do!” When you live somewhere, I think it’s easy to just go to the same places and do the same things. So next year, I want to do or try things I’ve never done before. It could be simple, like drinking a cocktail in a honey pot (there’s a bar that does this and I’ve always wanted to go), through to something totally adventurous!

I must confess, I often don’t share things like this… because I do them for me, I usually set them as secret goals, so I know I’ve achieved them and there isn’t any outside pressure! But I guess you’ll all keep me focused, if I haven’t told you about a honey pot cocktail by June – please send a firm reminder!!

Have you thought about any goals for 2013 yet? I’d love you to comment and share them – we can keep each other on track 😉


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