Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you all so much for your care and kind messages after my post last week. I was really touched by your well wishes and appreciate your words of support – hearing from so many of you meant more than you know and I am so grateful. I am still really quite unwell, so will need to take another week. I truly can’t wait to feel better and be back posting regularly again… and I will share everything with you soon and let you know what’s been going on when I am feeling a bit better. Thank you again so much for your patience and understanding during this time, I am immensely grateful for all of you, your friendship and kindness. Xx

I have created a link up for you today, which you’ll find below and wanted to share with you a little about how I wear and layer gold necklaces… because I have been wearing my most special pieces non-stop lately for good luck and some sentimental comfort.

I personally have a few special 14k gold necklaces that I wear every day. They’re meaningful to me and also little tokens of good luck or represent things I love (such as the moon and stars).

You may likely all remember me sharing my celestial Starry Night Necklace a million times, I rarely take it off.  I also recently got this 14k Gold Diamond Hamsa Necklace, which I have been wearing as a token of protection and good luck. They’re both complementary lengths to wear together and as the style of both necklaces is asymmetrical, they suit each other perfectly.

Some people find layering necklaces intimidating and don’t know where to start. The great thing is, whether you’re a minimalist or love making a statement, both vibes can easily be achieved.

They key to layering necklaces is choosing complementary styles and lengths, which allows you to show off each piece in it’s own right. When shopping for a new necklace, I always pay attention to the chain length and work out how it will fit in with my other pieces.

If you’re starting out with layering necklaces, just focus on selecting necklaces of different lengths and graduating them from shortest to longest.

A must-have accessory is a necklace extender, it’s a total game changer. You simply clip it onto the back of any necklace and it can make the length a little longer. This gives fantastic flexibility to create the perfect lengths for layering necklaces.

The truth is, there is no wrong way to wear necklaces… and you can never have too many layers! The best tip for layering necklaces is to make them special and meaningful to you. So whatever feels right for you to wear on the day, whether it’s a locket with photos of loved ones, a charm that represents something you’re passionate about, a token of good luck, or a necklace gifted to you from someone you love, mixing and matching to wear them all is a cool way to represent your own personal style and self-expression.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, these are some of pretty ways to wear gold necklaces and style them in layers…

evil eye necklace diamond hamsa necklace gold layered necklaces


layering gold necklaces

tips for layering necklaces

how to layer necklaces

gold diamond initial necklaces layering


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