When I was younger, I would buy and use makeup without ever giving thought to the expiration date or how long you can keep makeup… some products I would have for years because I used them so infrequently. It never occurred to me that just like food, makeup does have an expiry date and for your own health and the effectiveness of the product, you really should adhere to it. I was always the worst with mascara! But when you think about it, your eyes and sight are everything, you don’t want to be messing around with them. So, the big question is… how long can you keep makeup? I’m answering this for you today.

I’ve done a bit of research and wanted to what I found with you. Importantly, I’ll also share my tips on how to make your makeup last longer so you get every cent worth (after all, our fave products usually aren’t cheap) and the one thing every woman will need to know at some stage… how to fix a broken powder compact!

I’d love to know, do you think about expiry dates or how old your makeup is before using it? Do you have any tips for how to make your makeup last longer or how to fix makeup breakages? Please leave a comment and share, let’s all help each other out!

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One of my favorite lip glosses, Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in #18 Seduction.


Expiration: Three months from opening

One of the biggest annoyances for longevity is mascara drying out! My biggest and best tip is all in your application… do you ever pump the wand in and out of the tube? I used to… and you definitely should stop! This action is so unnecessary, it pushes air into the tube, really dries the product out and therefore significantly shortens your mascara’s lifespan. The alternative? Just gently move the wand around inside the tube before you pull it out, this will pick-up the product you need on the wand and won’t push excessive air inside.

Tip: If your mascara has dried out, you can salvage it by putting a few drops of baby oil in the tube.

Expiration: Liquid Liners are three months, Pencil Liners are up to two years

For the best application and to avoid that frustrating moment when you accidentally snap off the tip of the pencil, warm the pencil in your hands before applying. Just take the pencil between your flat palms (palms face inwards with the product vertically held between them) and move your hands back and forth, the pencil will spin as you do this. The friction and movement will cause the product to warm up a little. This allows for a much smoother and more even application.

For liquid liner pots that have dried out, once again it’s all about adding a little heat! Just place these in the microwave for 5 – 10 seconds, or hold a hair dryer over them (with the lid closed so the air doesn’t dry it out further).


Expiration: Oil-based, one and a half years. Water-based, one year.

It’s important to understand the composition of the foundation you use, is it oil-free? Water-based foundations tend to dry out more quickly. Good foundations aren’t cheap, so we want to get the most out of them! The best way to prolong it’s life span is to add a few drops of alcohol-free toner and shake / mix it with the product thoroughly.


Expiration: One year

A simple trick to extending the life of your favorite lipsticks is to simply keep them in the fridge. It’s been proven that warm or humid climates can make the color pigments degrade quicker.

What happens if you drop your fave shade and it breaks? Ahh the horror. We’ve all been there, watching our most loved lipstick smash before our eyes, almost as if in slow motion and we’re powerless to stop it. But this doesn’t mean it’s all over… simply get a little pot and scoop the remaining product in, you can then apply it with a q-tip or lip brush.


Expiration: Up to two years

Just like the lipstick above, I think we’ve all squealed in devastation as our blush or bronzer has hit the tiles. The brilliant news is, believe it or not, your compact can be totally salvaged! Here’s how to fix a broken powder compact… to start the recovery operation, place the powder pieces back into the compact and break down any larger bits that survived, so it is all a smaller finer consistency. Then spray the powerdy pieces with rubbing alcohol and cover this with a tissue. Take a spoon and use the back-side to press down firmly on the powder in your compact, push down evenly to smooth the powder back into place and ensure it’s all positioned in tight. Place this on a counter top and allow it to dry. Then voila! Your powder compact will be back to it’s former glory.


Expiration: Two years

I hate it when I go to use my favorite nail polish color and find it’s all clumped or dried inside the bottle! The best way I’ve found to revive dried out varnish is to add a couple drops of nail lacquer thinner (this can be purchased from great discount places like Sally Beauty), then thoroughly shake to mix it all together.




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