Multiple ear piercings are major right now! Leading the way, LA’s coolest ear piercing trends are undoubtedly the ‘constellation piercing’ and ‘the vertical lobe’. I currently have one piercing in each ear, but will be getting an extra three piercings done with top LA piercer Brian Keith Thompson over the summer. Brian is famed for being the go-to celebrity piercing artist, with everyone from Beyoncé to Jenna Dewan having their ears pierced at his LA based institution, Body Electric Tattoo.

I have been doing tons of research about piercings and looking for inspiration for what style of ear piercing I want to do. So today, I wanted to take you through the top LA ear piercing trends and also share my top picks for beautiful diamond and gold earrings.

Tell me, do you have multiple ear piercings? What do you think of them – love or hate? Do you have a story about your own experience? I’d LOVE to hear about it before I get mine done.
LA’s Coolest Ear Piercing Trends constellation piercing and vertical lobe piercing trend zoe chicco earrings

Earring Inspo from Zoe Chicco


LA’s Coolest Ear Piercing Trends


Vertical Lobe Piercing

A vertical lobe piercing is simply two or more piercings stacked closely together. It started trending last year when people realized it was a great solution to balance out an existing piercing that wasn’t placed properly (perhaps leftover from a 5th grade mall trip or just poor placement to begin with).

Brian Keith Thompson, the owner and piercer of the wildly popular Body Electric who has pierced stars including Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson, told Refinery 29 that he “started adding to them instead of ignoring or replacing them, thus ushering in a new trend.”


Constellation Piercing

Then there’s the infamous constellation piercing. This is an artful group of piercings, usually three or more, that are as unique as the star clusters they’re named after. Thompson said this about constellation piercings, “Right now, I am really into doing something big paired with something dainty—like a planet and a couple of moons.”

What I personally find intriguing about the constellation trend is no two constellation piercings are exactly the same, so the possibilities are endless! I also love how personalized it makes this ear piercing option, so although it’s a major trend, it’s still totally individual.





Celebrity Ear Piercing Style

Jenna Dewan ear piercings earrings celebrity style
For some great inspo, look to celebs for ear piercing trends and style ideas. I loved Jenna Dewan’s curated ear piercings, below are her exact earrings for you to shop.


Click the photos above to shop Jenna Dewan’s exact earrings.


Ear Piercing Tips


There is an obvious art to piercing, so here are three tips from the master piercer himself, Brian Keith Thompson, to doing it right the first time:

“Where you get pierced should be based on your personal style, but not all jewelry should go in certain areas. Do your research and ask for piercer’s opinion.”
“Don’t forget to take the time to clean your jewelry. Soap and water is all you need, not rubbing alcohol. A lot of people come in and their ears are extremely dirty. And that’s from body oils, hair products and lotions. All this stuff starts building up, and it just looks like gunk on the jewelry itself.”
“I’m seeing a lot of clients around my age, 40-something, and they’re still wearing a lot of these old captive bead rings from the ’90s. That ship has sailed. Your jewelry needs to change. Out with the old, in with the new.”
I’d love to hear your thoughts on these trends in the comments below!Do you have multiple ear piercings? What style of earrings do you like to wear – delicate studs? Huggies or hoops? Statement earrings? As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!



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