I was somewhat reluctant about writing this post because I thought it may get me permanently scratched from a list of go-to babysitters my friends have (Nic and Caroline, if you’re reading this – I promise I’m actually responsible).

So, I’ll cut to the chase. Last night I almost left Ollie at doggie day care. It was around 7pm and I was still working away at the office, blissfully unaware of any issue. As I glanced over at the corner of my desk I saw a photo of him and thought, “aww he’s such a little cutie”. I kept typing away for another few minutes and then suddenly it hit me… oh.my.gosh. I forgot to pick up Ollie! He goes once a week to socialize at doggy day care and their opening hours are 7am to 6pm, so I’d completely missed the closing time. I was totally panicked – how could I forget him! What kind of person does that?! Would I ever see his sweet teddy bear like face again?

Ollie Cavoodle Dog Pet Photo

I got in the car and was madly trying to call them on my phone (no answer!). What would they do with him? I was imagining the little guy being sent off into the night to make his own way home, or locked in there by himself (probably his dream considering all the food, treats, toys and cozy beds they have!). What would Chris think when he asked where the dog was?!

As I drove around the corner I could see the lights still on and when I stood at the entrance, banging the door down politely knocking to be let inside, I realized it was my lucky night – they were having a puppy training school and Ollie was sitting on top of the reception desk being patted and loved on by three kind girls.

I practically skipped over and scooped him up, I’d seriously worried I may never see Ollie again!

This little episode made me realize two things: One, clearly it’s lucky I don’t have kids yet. Two, maybe it’s time to slow down and clear my mind. Life has been so crazy lately, there always seems to be something to do or somewhere to be. For all you fellow bloggers out there (as well as non-bloggers), I’m sure you can relate – keeping on top of everything, particularly when it isn’t your full-time job, can be really tricky. I wouldn’t change it for the world though and feel unbelievably blessed to have the opportunities I do and get to know so many wonderful readers.

Maybe a lot of the pressure is self-inflicted, I always believe it is super important to keep on top of my inbox and reply to comments and emails. I can’t relax until I reply to every.last.one. But I’ve started to learn that realistically, I don’t think it’s something you can ever be 100% on top of every day and for a control freak perfectionist like me, that is definitely a challenge.

Tell me… how do you find balance? How do you take time out to relax and unwind, to clear your mind? Sometimes I think it can be as simple as a bubble bath and a good book. Alternatively, I think a little Bora Bora couldn’t hurt…

Doesn’t this look simply amazing? It’s at the Le Meridian hotel in Bora Bora – definitely a dream vacation place for me!

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