I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had a wonderful few days, celebrating the end of my birthday week (yes, it’s not a day – it’s a week!) and I also started a little Christmas shopping on Sunday, which is (temporarily) making me feel slightly ahead of the game. For those who are connected via Instagram, you would’ve seen my trip to the hair salon… I’m now back closer to my natural blonde color and thoroughly loving it. Although, I must tell you this was a bit of a shock for Chris, who has only ever known me for three years as a brunette (when I came home that night, he actually laughed… I think it was a surprised laugh. But for any men reading this, if your girl comes home from the hairdresser, I would strongly advise that an appropriate reaction is not to laugh!).

You’ll also see I’m currently addicted to birthday festivities, Acai bowls, green juices, wearing plaid, leopard print pajamas (on sale!), statement necklaces and living it up with raspberry chilli vodka martini’s and creme brulee…

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Are you also adoring any of these things right now? What’s your latest love?

Have a brilliant Monday – and if you’d like to keep up with all things Style Elixir, join me here on Instagram!

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