As much as I love clothes, I equally adore beauty products! Everything from cleansers, moisturizers and primers, to foundations, mascaras and lip glosses – you name it, I want to try it! I can be a pretty tough critic on my products and expect them to perform… so after much trial and error, I thought I’d share with you the products I simply can’t live without (you know, the ones I would bring if I was stranded on a desert island).

In this two-part post, I’ll cover all the products I use on a daily basis. Today, let’s start with skincare – I firmly believe beauty starts with looking after your skin first. As makeup can only do so much, it’s best to focus on creating a great canvas to paint on…

This is one seriously ah-mazing product. I’ve tried so many other brands (high-end included) and this wins hands down! I use this daily and always do two cleanses, one to wash my make-up off and one to actually cleanse my skin. It’s left feeling so clean without drying and the salicylic acid truly does keep the odd break-out at bay. (Currently on sale for $30.40)

Prevention is better than a cure, right? As much as I love leather handbags, I don’t want to look like one in 20 years. So I’ve incorporated this into my evening routine for over a year now. It instantly makes my skin feel so soft and is absorbed quickly (I hate anything that sits on my skin). Sometimes I use it as a base for my makeup, it just makes your skin so smooth! (Currently on sale for $68)

I use this every morning and with an SPF 15, it’s perfect for daily use. I have a few little freckles from when I was younger and I really want to minimize them, so I’m happy that this helps correct the look of discoloration. It absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t interfere with my makeup application. (Currently on sale for $51.20)

4.  DDF Erase Eye Gel
Companies always promise a multitude of things with their eye creams, but rarely do they deliver. I’ve tried so many with the hope they will help diminish my dark circles, this one is probably the best I have used. I put it on most nights before I go to sleep and you only need a little bit – so far this jar has lasted me six months. Sometimes I put it in the fridge to get the cooling feel I love, this can also help sooth puffiness. (Currently on sale for $41.60)

I’ve used this about two to three times a week for well over a year, it’s such a great product! I use to go to a salon to get microdermabrasion, which was expensive and because I didn’t go regularly, I don’t think I got the most out of it for my skin. The DDF Revolve is a brilliant alternative. I’m always a little wary of salon treatments that are converted into at-home devices, but this definitely delivers! Your face feels beyond clean and incredibly smooth – it removes dead skin cells and invigorates the skin, which makes for flawless foundation application and a glowing complexion. (Currently on sale for $78.40)

My nightly serum; the polishing crystals are ah-mazing; a cleanser delivery (is there anything better when you’ve run out?!)

Have you tried DDF? It’s my absolute favorite. What are your must-have skincare products? Comment and let me know – I always love discovering new ones!


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