Friends, I need your help choosing my new neutral wall paint color! We’ve decided to give our home a refresh and are planning an entire kitchen renovation, as well as painting the house interior. It’s so exciting… but after looking endlessly at Pinterest for ideas, plus researching everything on websites and forums to a ridiculous degree, I’m having a bit of a tough time pulling the trigger to make the final decision. I just don’t want to choose wrong! I’ve narrowed the paint direction down to two options, which is great – but I also don’t want to do one and wish I’d gone the other direction. Ahh. Decorating problems.

This is where I’d really appreciate your help. I thought today, I’m so lucky to have this amazing online community of people with fabulous taste (I mean obviously, you’re here aren’t you!)… so please leave a comment below and help me decide what paint color to choose.

The two neutral wall paint color options I’m considering is a super light grey with blue undertones called ‘Sky Painting’ OR a soft greige with warmer undertones called ‘Whitsunday Island’. Either way, I’m pairing the wall paint color with a bright vivid white paint for the skirting, doors and door trim and ceilings.

You can see the two wall paint colors I’m considering below:

interior paint color neutral tones soft light grey paint blue undertones sky painting dulux whitsunday island greige best paint

Sky Painting (left): a soft grey with blue undertones. R: 223, G: 226, B: 228, LRV Value: 78
Whitsunday Island (right): a light greige with warmer undertones . R: 231, G: 230, B: 224, LRV Value: 81


I am leaning towards ‘Sky Painting’, the light grey color. I think it looks so fresh and is a great alternative to just doing all-white walls. It still has that light, bright and airy feeling, but adds a little more interest that just all white (which is a look I love, but currently have, so I wanted to do something different). I also like how fresh it looks next to a crisp bright white, as I was hoping to create a subtle coastal style home decor vibe. However, being a grey with blue undertones, my only fear is whether it will make our home feel too ‘cold’. So as an alternative, I was considering the warmer neutral tone of ‘Whitsunday Island’.

To provide a little more detail about the other home elements to help you with your vote… our floors are a dark timber color, the lounge is a really neutral sand color with navy and white stripe cushions and other furniture such as our dining table, buffet, tv unit etc is white. Artwork is a coastal style vibe with aerial ocean waves or Santa Monica beach… so I love a polished but relaxed feel and calming neutral tones!

Tell me, what color should I pick? I’d also love to hear what color your walls are painted at home? Have you ever had a similar color to the ones I’m considering? What did you like or dislike about it?


Home Decor: Neutral Wall Paint Color Inspiration

Light Grey Wall Paint Sky Painting

This is the look I envisage for the ‘Sky Painting’ option. I like how fresh and bright it is… and that it’s almost white, but a little more interesting (image via Pinterest).

Light Grey Wall Paint Sky Painting bedroom

Another example of a neutral wall paint color in light grey with blue undertones, contrast with white trim and ceilings (image via Pinterest).


Greige Wall Paint Whitsunday Island

This is the look I envisage for the ‘Whitsunday Island’ option. It’s neutral and has a little more warmth (image via Pinterest).

 Greige Wall Paint Whitsunday Island boho home decor

This “greige” hue is a mix of grey and beige (image via Pinterest).


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