This has quickly become one of my favorite weekly posts, I love love looove talking about shoes (especially today’s New Balance JCrew 620 Sneakers – the epitome of the sport luxe trend)! As I was gazing longingly at a pair of gorgeous Louboutin’s last weekend, I started thinking about how shoes really are worth a little splurge – after all, you never grow out of them… no matter how many Dough Doughnuts you eat! (Side note, they are seriously so good).

It’s no secret I adore pretty heels, don’t we all! But you know what? I love comfort more. I just had a flash to my mother saying something like that once when I was in my late teens and swore to myself that I’d never sacrifice style for comfort. My Mom’s a super chic, beautiful lady by the way and she’s all about the comfort.

As I’ve hit my 30’s, I have frequently discovered I might’ve inherited her knack for finding uber cute, comfortable pieces – yay! One of my favorite things are sneakers and when you choose the perfect pair, you’ll find they still look stylish and go with everything. Jeans? Check. Shorts? Check. Dresses? Check. Leggings? Umm, of course!

I am always on the hunt for the holy grail of sneakers and girls, last week I found them. How divine are these New Balance JCrew 620 Sneakers… aaand drum roll please… they’re GOLD! You can check them out here.

New Balance JCrew 620 Sneakers goldNew Balance JCrew 620 Sneakers, $80;


The neutral tones and touches of gold make these effortlessly chic and so versatile, they’ll match your whole closet. They have also received almost 70 five-star reviews… so that sealed the deal for me. I got a pair and they’re ahhmazing.

Is it love at first sight for you too? I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you choose style over comfort, or have you managed to find a perfect balance?

New Balance JCrew 620 Sneakers goldNew Balance JCrew 620 Sneakers, $80;

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