As you probably saw in my post on Monday, we went on a mini weekend vacation to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday… and while we were away, I found something I’ve wanted for so long – the perfect burgundy hat! I have been quite obsessed with burgundy lately, it’s such a fabulous hue and stylish alternative to black. I discovered my new head wear hiding away in a little boutique and since buying the hat, I’ve barely taken it off… so I wanted to share it with you today! Along with a review of my favorite new lip color from Maybelline and a little hello from my cute puppy, Ollie…

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Like most girls, I have a weakness for beauty products – but I must tell you, I’m very particular and certainly have a select group of favorites. I always love testing new products though and when I was sent the Color Elixir glosses from Maybelline, I couldn’t wait to try them! I’m sure you’ve noticed I have a penchant for bright red lips, so I went straight for the ‘Signature Scarlet‘ and the shade was just as spectacular as I’d hoped.

 photo ProductsMaybellineColorElixirOlliePuppyBurgundyHatStyleElixirBlogwwwstylelixircomFashionFallTrendsBeautyMakeupReview_zpsb6b1ec5a.jpg

My go-to’s usually include YSL and M.A.C, but I found the Color Elixir collection just as fabulous. I adore wearing color on my lips, so usually find lipstick is the best option… but after trying these, I’m hooked! Although the tube looks like it’s a cute lipstick, they open to apply like gloss with a wand. I’ve always preferred the soft feel of lip gloss and love the shine, but want the color injection lipstick provides. I was really impressed, as the Maybelline Color Elixir range delivers both… and I know this will sound strange, but it also has a subtle scent that I like!

I was asked on Twitter about whether these are a stain or gloss. I wore the lip colors to work this week and found they did stain my lips, so even when the glossy part appeared to wear off there was still color present. Which I personally love… I don’t want to be forever fixing makeup during the day!

I’m wearing the ‘Signature Scarlet‘ in these photos, what are your thoughts? Do you like the color?

 photo PicMaybellineColorElixirOlliePuppyBurgundyHatStyleElixirBlogwwwstylelixircomFashionFallTrendsBeautyMakeupReview_zps36aefb5b.jpg

I know I’m probably biased, but I just think Ollie is the cutest! He doesn’t regularly make an appearance on here, but when we were out and about together this week, I wanted to take a photo of us. Being the budding blog model that he is, Ollie quickly mastered a striking ‘gaze into the distance’ pose…

 photo 2MaybellineColorElixirOlliePuppyBurgundyHatStyleElixirBlogwwwstylelixircomFashionFallTrendsBeautyMakeupReview_zps66266cbc.jpg

I know I’m always asking you questions… but I just love learning what other people think and how they do things!
So, tell me… Are you a lipstick or lip gloss girl?  Do you reach for bright or more subtle colors?

I’d also like to know – do you adore burgundy as much as I seem to right now?


 * I received samples of the Color Elixir product and was sponsored by Refinery 29. As always, my honest opinions have been expressed.

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