It was wonderful to share our wedding day and special wedding video with you in my post this week. In case you missed it, be sure to check it out here and I’m also sharing our girls morning getting glam. We had such a magnificent day!

I want to take you further into our wedding and share some of the special elements. Of course, one of the most significant parts of the day is exchanging our wedding rings. I loved this part – after watching wedding movies my whole life, it was so surreal to be standing there saying our vows to each other and placing the wedding bands on our hands.

Chris truly did the most spectacular job with my engagement ring (ooooh, I couldn’t believe it – it’s absolutely stunning), so I really wanted to organize an amazing wedding band to surprise him with. I had always heard really positive reviews about Blue Nile, with many of my friends purchasing their engagement rings, wedding bands and other special occasion jewelry from the website.

I browsed the range of men’s wedding rings at Blue Nile and their collection is huge. I love how many options they had for design, metal and price… and of course, I must admit I also got distracted looking at beautiful jewelry for myself!

I’d love to hear from you… tell me, what kind of wedding bands did you and your husband choose? Or if you’re a fabulously single gal, what kind of wedding band would you love in the future?


Wedding Series – His Platinum Wedding Band + Why Rings Are Worn On the Left Finger

husband and wife first kiss wedding day photo

I quickly found the perfect wedding band for Chris. It is classic, simple and effortlessly stylish. One of the things I said to Chris when we were discussing wedding rings, is how special it will be that when we’re 80 we will have the same rings that were blessed at our ceremony. They are such a powerful symbol of our love and commitment to each other, so investing in good quality that lasts a lifetime was one of our prerequisites.

I love wedding facts and often wondered how the ‘ring finger’ on our left hand came to be. This tradition all started in Roman times, they believed that the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger on the left hand) ran straight to a person’s heart. Based on this strong belief, the Romans called that vein the “vena amoris” or vein of love.

I did a lot of research into platinum vs. white gold and decided a platinum wedding band was the best choice for him. One of the main reasons I chose platinum is because I read in my research that if you (inevitably) scratch the ring, the platinum metal doesn’t actually erode and you don’t lose any. If you scratch a platinum ring, it just moves the metal to the side, so when you get the ring buffed and polished, it moves back into place.

When browsing their huge range of wedding rings, I knew I wanted to keep the design for his wedding band simple. When choosing both our rings, I wanted something that no matter the stage of your life, you would always love. I chose the Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band in 7mm Platinum and he was absolutely delighted!

Platinum wedding bands can be expensive, but if you’re a savvy shopper, you know where to go to get the best value for money. Due to their business model, Blue Nile offer premium quality and highly competitive prices, as the savings are passed on to consumers. I looked on a number of other website’s and honestly, nothing compared to the pricing, quality and guarantee offered by Blue Nile. Their customer service is incredible too! They really look after customers and one of the most helpful services is the free ring sizer tool they send out so you can ensure the perfect fit. We loved using this tool! It’s a full set of plastic rings you can try on to compare sizes and it makes finding your optimal ring size so easy. We had fun playing around with this and enjoyed that it helped us feel really confident about ordering the correct size.

Blue Nile Mens Platinum Wedding Band Review

Blue Nile Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band in 7mm Platinum

blue nile wedding ring diamond oval engagement ring with halo d color

wedding bands mens plantinum wedding ring diamond eternity ring blue nile review

blue nile mens platinum wedding band review 2

Blue Nile Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band in 7mm Platinum

The customer service team was so quick to respond to emails and kept me completely informed every step of the way. When his platinum wedding band arrived (via really fast shipping), I couldn’t have been more thrilled! It was incredibly beautiful in real life and Chris was blown away – he was so excited to start wearing his ring (he even asked if he could wear it for a day before the wedding!). There’s just something about a stylish wedding band that changes a man… he instantly looked so grown up and I couldn’t believe he was my husband!

On our wedding day, a lot of my friends and family commented how stylish Chris’s wedding band was and asked where it was from. If ever there was a wedding band to suit every man, this Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band in 7mm Platinum is it.

My experience with Blue Nile was flawless, from their extensive range and premium quality, to highly competitive prices and exceptional customer service, I truly recommend Blue Nile so highly for wedding bands, engagement rings and any special occasion jewelry. They gave me the best shopping experience I’ve had in years and exceeded all my expectations for finding Chris the perfect, high quality wedding band to last a lifetime.

blue nile wedding band review engagement ring oval halo d color platinum

wedding bands and engagement ring oval diamond halo d color diamond mens platinum wedding band blue nile review
Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for promoting Blue Nile, however I only collaborate with brands and products I genuinely love. All opinions expressed are 100% authentic and my own.

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