In getting to know each other a little better, there’s something I should share with you.  I love a good snack and it’s a widely known fact among family and friends. Luckily, so far my metabolism has managed to keep up. I’ve been warned though, it’s not always going to be this way. I figure I should take advantage of it while I can.

I got busted last night. Big time. It was only Wednesday, but it’s been a long week at work. All I wanted was to head home, enjoy a glass or two of wine and watch some Real Housewives and G&B (that’s Giuliana & Bill, you’ll become quite familiar with that on here).  I knew my boyfriend was working later and I had the house to myself (I always feel about 15 years old saying ‘boyfriend’, but ‘partner’ doesn’t sound quite right either). Aaaanyway, knowing this, I decided to cook up some of my favorite snacks.

To better explain, I need to let you in on another story. I’ve always had a weakness for the type of food you can just pick at. During a trip to the supermarket, without much thought I placed a selection of mini quiches, spring rolls, dumplings and pastries into my basket. Upon check-out, the cashier exclaimed “oooh are you having a party?!”  Umm… no.

Moral of the story? Don’t shop when you’re hungry. And if you do, the answer is yes – you are indeed having a party.

After that, I’ve been a little more concealed about my parties for one.  Now, I party in private. So knowing I had the place to myself, I fired up the stove and got steaming an assortment of dumplings.

After a long 30-minutes, my pillowy parcels of deliciousness were ready. As I sat down to enjoy my wine and party platter, I heard the key in the door. When you live with someone, there are still certain behaviors you don’t want seen. For me, this is one of them.

Chris is a bit of a health nut. So I was faced with all sorts of stats about the lack of nutritional value in dumplings. I know they’re not exactly the healthiest, so all I could muster up in my defense was “I swear I don’t do it all the time. It’s a one off. It’s been a tough week”.

I thought all would be forgotten, but it raised its head again this morning with “so just how many dumplings did you have last night?”

I remember an episode of Sex and the City, when Carrie chatted to the girls about the loss of her ‘secret single behavior’, which for her included eating a stack of saltines with grape jelly, while standing in the kitchen reading fashion magazines.

So tell me, what are your secret single behaviors?


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