I am so excited to be heading off on vacation next week! We’re flying to Sydney (Australia) and doing a 12 night cruise through New Caledonia, Fiji and Vanuatu… guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.

When I booked the trip months ago, it felt aaages away – now I can’t believe it’s almost here! I’ll be posting lots of photos on Instagram, so be sure to join me for the adventure.

In the lead up to my vacay, I have been sharing some things I’ve bought (a girl needs a fresh vacation wardrobe, obv!) and am waiting on a few final arrivals. I’m really excited about this embroidered pom pom caftan, it’s the final item and due to arrive on Monday (yes, I stalk my post like a crazy person… please tell me I’m not the only person who does this?).

As well as sorting out a fab vacation wardrobe, I’ve also been trying to tone up a little – it’s almost bikini season and as I mentioned, this trip has come up really fast! I’ve had so many blog projects and lot’s of website / blog design work lately, which is ahhhmazing… but makes it a little tricky to hit my regular spin and pump classes. Around a month ago, I couldn’t believe the fortuitous timing when Slendertone contacted me about their new Connect Abs device and asked if I wanted to try it… ummm, YES! I couldn’t respond fast enough.

Slendertone Connect Abs Review ab workout fitness

I’m super selective about what I share with you… honestly, I spend hours on my posts, along with testing, trying and experiencing all the products I recommend. Before I buy anything I always (always!) read reviews online first and because I rely on them so much, I equally ensure anything I share is something I genuinely think is a great product.

I was looking forward to testing the Slendertone Connect Abs thoroughly to see if it really lived up to all the hype before sharing it with you… especially as sometimes products like this can be hit and miss. But, I’m so pleased to report I have been really eager to write this post because I personally found it to be a quality product – and even one Chris has been constantly hounding me to use too!

Probably one of my favorite things has been how super convenient and easy it… as I’m sitting here typing this, I actually have it on. Because my work, especially website and blog design projects, is all quite sedentary and involves long hours at a computer, it can be hard some days to give my muscles a workout. I’m very aware how important your core ab muscles are, particularly when it comes to posture and as one of my new years resolutions was to improve my posture this year, it’s an area I have been focused on.

What I’ve loved most about using the Slendertone Connect Abs, I can just put it on and let it work away, while I get stuck into my own work!

Basically, to break it down the Slendertone Connect Abs works using electrical muscle stimulation, technology physio’s have used for years. I remember back when I played sport competitively in high school, I would suffer knee injuries and the physio often put current pads on as part of the therapy treatment. This is basically the same thing and embraces that technology to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Based on my own searches online, from what I understand, the electrical pulses mimic actions from the central nervous system and cause the muscles to contract.

Slendertone Review Connect Abs

I was quite intrigued to see how this technology had been used in the Slendertone Connect Abs. When I opened the box, I saw the kit comes with the adjustable belt and controller, reusable adhesive gel pads, the USB charging cable and a little carry bag to keep it all in.

The user manual was really thorough and simple to follow; it steps through the set-up instructions easily. To get started, all I had to do was plug the controller into my computer and charge it via the USB cable (which took around 30 minutes and it beeped to alert the battery was fully charged). Once that was done, I popped it into the belt and turned it on. The intensity can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons on the controller.

I started on the lowest intensity and it felt like a tingling sensation. Then, I gradually raised the intensity until I could feel my abs contracting. The intensity range is 0 – 100, so subsequently each time I used the Connect Abs I raised the intensity a little more than my previous session. At first it’s an unusual sensation to get use to, probably because I’ve never really given my abs such a good workout, but I quickly became familiar and comfortable with it. The company explains 30 minutes using Slendertone Connect Abs is like doing 202 sit-ups… this is so much easier than doing hundreds of sit-ups!

Slendertone Connect Abs ReviewSlendertone Connect Abs

Slendertone Connect Abs further embraces the power of technology with a handy app. I love a good app! You can easily download the Slendertone Connect app to your smartphone and use it to run the personal toning program. It is a fully interactive environment, with workout programs, weekly targets and tracking tools to help achieve the results you want. Depending on what your individual goals are, the app has five different six week programs including increasing your physical performance, getting back in shape after pregnancy, staying in shape and toning muscles.

It is recommended you use the product for 6 – 8 weeks to see the best results, I am only half way through my journey but have been genuinely impressed and happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m also feeling a lot more comfortable getting into a bikini on my vacation next week than I would have otherwise! So thank you to Slendertone for sending me the Connect Abs to try. I’m excited to continue using it and seeing even more results… we all know how much food is on a cruise, so after serious over-indulgence, I’ll definitely need to get back into my Slendertone Connect Abs program when I return!

If you’re interested to find out more, check out the Slendertone website and Instagram too.


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