I recently signed up to ShoeDazzle, have you seen this yet? I’m a little shoe obsessed and love finding pieces that are unique with special details or fabulous colors… the problem is, I always have ideas in my head and tracking down what I want can be so difficult! I was in awe of not only their huge collection, but also the super affordable prices (most shoes are around $30!). Plus, Rachel Zoe is their Chief Stylist… need I say more?

Before joining, I completed a fun little questionnaire about my style and now have my own showroom full of curated pieces. What’s almost as bad as having no shoes? Having so many you can’t choose! I’ve never really had this problem before… I actually love all of them. I’m also a total shoe addict – so help me decide before I buy the lot! These are just a few of the styles in my showroom, which ones do you love most? 

Shoe Details:  One   |   Two   |   Three   |   Four   |   Five   |   Six   |   Seven

How fab are all these styles! I adore the bright, fresh feel and fun colors – those magenta flats scream summer.
If you’d like to take a shoe quiz and have your very own showroom, just click here!
I’d also love your vote on which pair(s) you think I should buy…

 photo laurensig_zpsa45e2978.png
* Thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring my shoe addiction!

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