Like most girls, I love all things makeup and beauty related! Over the years I’ve certainly tried my fair share of products and it’s interesting to have discovered that just because an item is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s that much better. Sometimes less expensive options are far superior than their pricier counterparts. 


This thinking was reignited by a mascara I am currently using, the Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express. Prior to this I was a DiorShow devotee, which was great. But it ran out and as I couldn’t scrape another ounce from the tube, I had to quickly pick up a drug store brand to get me by… which as it turns out, I’m now totally in love with! It’s a deep black color and as the name would suggest, creates amazing volume, but also the lengthening is fabulous. Has anyone tried the Colossal Volum’ Express? Did you love it too?

I think it’s important to decide what items you want to splurge on and where you want to save. Depending on our skin type, we all have those little things we’re more sensitive about and spend more to fix. For me, I always like having bright eyes, so a great concealer is my must have and I tend to splash out on this, whereas I save on things like eye shadow. 







Save:  Revlon Nail Enamel  |  Spend:  Ciate Paint Pot

What products do you spend and save on?  Do you have any recommendations?


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