Oh girls, these Steve Madden Eleanorr Flats are probably among my favorite shoes of all time. Yes, they’re that good! I’m sure you have seen these beauties before, they’ve been spotted on countless bloggers and style mavens the world over. There’s good reason for that too – they’re super comfy, perfectly on-point and come with a price tag that’ll make you squeal with delight when you realize you can afford to buy two!

I adore their lace up detail, it evokes the softness and femininity of ballet but still gives the shoes a little edge. What I love most is they actually look fabulous with dresses. Often ballet flats can be too heavy to wear with pretty dresses, they just don’t have the right vibe. But the lace up details on these Eleanorr Flats give the shoes a delicate finish, which actually looks perfect with dresses!

Steve Madden Eleanorr Flats Ballet shoes spring trendsSteve Madden Eleanorr Flats in Rose Suede, $79

Steve Madden Eleanorr Flats Ballet shoes spring trends

Steve Madden Eleanorr Flats in Black Suede, $79

I wear mine (on the daily) with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. They’re super comfy for walking too, I’m all about a great pair of flats. Plus, they’re the perfect shoes to transition through spring. Laces give the summery feel of sandals, but enclosed flats are still cozy enough for cooler weather.

Do any of you own these shoes too? What do you think of them? I currently have the black, but also want to get the rose suede, isn’t it so pretty!

Steve Madden Eleanorr Flats


Steve Madden Eleanorr Flats Ballet shoes spring trendsSteve Madden Eleanorr Flats, $79

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