Welcome to Style Sessions!  Today I wanted to share an outfit I typically wear to the office. I’ve always believed it’s so important to be professional and dress appropriately for work – and for me, that always includes the addition of a jacket. So I often wear an outfit like this, as it still allows me to show some personality and is perfect for an after work drink, but while you’re in the office simply add a stylish black jacket to keep things corporately chic…

Main Floral Skirt Black Ruffle Top Pearl Necklace Bow Prada Sunglasses Marc Jacoba Handbag Style Elixir www.stylelixir.com Fashion Patent Heels Trends 2013 Blog

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What I Wear To Work…

As mentioned, I’ve always been quite traditional when it comes to office appropriate attire and keeping things professional. If I have meetings, I will always add a stylish jacket and for day-to-day, I don’t wear plunging necklines and ensure any dresses / skirts are kept at a respectable just-above-the-knee length. If wearing a skirt or dress, I do hosiery too – a habit inherited from my mother, who first taught me how to dress for the corporate world (although there is nothing more frustrating than laddering a pair as you get ready in the morning! Does this happen to you too? Isn’t it so annoying!).

It can sometimes be tricky dressing in a way that allows you to show some personality, but is still acceptable for the office. Do you ever find this? What do you typically wear to work?

 photo 2FloralSkirtBlackRuffleTopPearlNecklaceBowPradaSunglassesMarcJacobaHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylelixircomFashionPatentHeelsTrend_zps2ea68c2a.jpgOutfit Details:   Darling Floral Skirt   |   Ruffle Blouse (Similar)   |   Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag   |   Prada Sunglasses   |   Castellammare Jewellery Bow Necklace   |   Pearl Necklace Strands – Small (similar) and Large (similar)   |   Patent Black Heels (similar and on sale!)    |   Stud Earrings (similar and on sale!)   |   Victoria’s Secret Glossy Lip Stain

 photo 31FloralSkirtBlackRuffleTopPearlNecklaceBowPradaSunglassesMarcJacobaHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylelixircomFashionPatentHeelsTren_zpsf23a7145.jpg

 photo 4FloralSkirtBlackRuffleTopPearlNecklaceBowPradaSunglassesMarcJacobaHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylelixircomFashionPatentHeelsTrend_zpsda32e97e.jpg

 photo 5FloralSkirtBlackRuffleTopPearlNecklaceBowPradaSunglassesMarcJacobaHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylelixircomFashionPatentHeelsTrend_zps3a907b1c.jpg

 photo 6FloralSkirtBlackRuffleTopPearlNecklaceBowPradaSunglassesMarcJacobaHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylelixircomFashionPatentHeelsTrend_zps786f979b.jpg

 photo 7FloralSkirtBlackRuffleTopPearlNecklaceBowPradaSunglassesMarcJacobaHandbagStyleElixirwwwstylelixircomFashionPatentHeelsTrend_zps5be191ab.jpg

Outfit Details:   Darling Floral Skirt   |   Ruffle Blouse (Similar)   |   Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag   |   Prada Sunglasses   |   Castellammare Jewellery Bow Necklace   |   Pearl Necklace Strands – Small (similar) and Large (similar)   |   Patent Black Heels (similar and on sale!)    |   Stud Earrings (similar and on sale!)   |   Victoria’s Secret Glossy Lip Stain


Meet Our Head Stylist…

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the lovely Lindsay from Pink and Navy Stripes. This fashionable lady recently became a mother and doesn’t she look fabulous! I adored this recent look Lindsay created, I’ve had my eye on the same Tory Burch boots (currently on sale at Nordstrom for 33% off!)…

 photo HSCollage_zps01239b9f.jpg


What is your go-to look?  My go to look right now would be wearing a vest or a Chambray shirt.  Sometimes both!

Which fashion trend are you currently loving?  I love the sweatshirt look with a button up underneath.

What inspired you to start your blog?  I was inspired to start a blog because I’ve always loved fashion.  I love being able to be creative and share it with others.  I live for this time of year because I love to help people shop for Christmas.  

Name three beauty products you couldn’t live without:  I LOVE lip gloss. I cannot live without mascara (I put it on before bed practically!) and let’s just be honest… I can’t live without under eye concealer.

How would you describe your style?  My style is casual and something you can wear in every day life.  I take what’s trendy and make it wearable.  

To discover more about Lindsay, visit Pink & Navy Stripes!


 photo SSLinkUp_zpsc9a8a90f.jpg

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