Welcome to Style Sessions! Today is a fun one (although, I’d like to hope they’re always fun!) I’m excited to show you one of my fave new tops, introduce you to one of my gorgeous blogger friends and remind you there’s still lots of brilliant giveaways happening here on Style Elixir!

In case you’re new here, Style Sessions is live every Tuesday from 5am PST. It’s all about sharing what we’ve been wearing, or if you’re on a budget, a virtual outfit you’d love to wear! Every week I also select someone to showcase as ‘Head Stylist’ in the next edition – it’s a brilliant way to showcase your personal style and your blog.

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Bright Stripes Are An Outfit Delight!

Recently, I’ve been living in this sheer, subtly chevron stripe blouse – it’s so fun and versatile! One of my favorite ways to style it has been with black tailored shorts (like this pair from Michael Kors on sale!) and patent heels for a polished spin on a traditionally casual staple. It also looks fab with white jeans for a really fresh, easy breezy feel. Hailing from a recent discovery of mine, this top is from Jolie Melange boutique. Katie is the owner and she’s such a delight! I love supporting women in business and with great wardrobe additions like this orange and white tunic, these cobalt shorts (I adore them!), pretty coral maxi dress and fun neon top, her stylish new venture is bound to be a success! If you’d like to win a $40 store credit to Jolie Melange, click here to enter. Katie’s also offering 15% discount to Style Elixir readers and free shipping on all US orders (use code StyleElixir at checkout). Keep up with Jolie Melange on Facebook and Twitter!

 photo Two_zps2cbd665f.jpg photo Three_zps7a32d362.jpg photo Four_zps826b2630.jpg photo Five_zps73f553a5.jpg photo Seven_zps838e0a8a.jpg photo Six_zps70aa09f9.jpg

Outfit Details:  Jolie Melange Blouse  c/o  |   Tailored Shorts (similar from Michael Kors – on sale!)  |  Prada Sunglasses   |   Pave Earrings (similar)   |   Dogeared Wishbone Necklace  |  Black Patent Heels (similar)  |  Tiffany & Co. Ring   |   Gold Bangles  (similar)  |  Marc Jacobs Handbag


Grand Giveaways!

If you love luxurious Baxter Moerman jewelry, J.Crew, Sephora, Target, Starbucks and Essie nail polish as much as I do, then this is the giveaway for you! To win over $260 in prizes, simply click here and enter now!Plus, for your chance to win a $50 J.Crew Gift Card thanks to the gorgeous Lulu, enter here.

Meet Our Head Stylist… 

I’m excited to introduce to you this week’s Head Stylist, Shannon from GBO Fashion! Shannon and I have become great blog friends and I always adore seeing an email pop in from her because I know it will make me laugh! For a gal with a great sense of humor, she’s also got a great sense of style! Her blog is all about the ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Ok’ of fashion – and here’s the super fun part, you get to rate it a ‘G’, ‘B’ or ‘O’! I personally think all her outfits earn a huge A, for Amazing….

 photo ShannonGBO_zps085870f2.jpg photo GBOFashionCollage_zps236fd67d.jpgSTYLE Q&A WITH SHANNON…

What is your go-to look?  In the summer, without a doubt my go-to look is always a skirt. I tend to reach for A-line cuts in fun prints and light fabrics. Pair it with a chambray shirt or another light button-up, tie a knot in the bottom instead of tucking, throw on some cute sandals and a panama hat, or some sunnies and voila! You’ve got a look that keeps you cool, comfortable and is effortlessly ‘summer’.

There are so many fashion trends right now, which on are you currently loving? Oh man – how do I pick? I am loving the mixed print trend because if often involves three of my absolute favorite things: florals, stripes and polka dots! If you’ve visited my blog recently, then you also know that I’m obsessed with the mint trend.

What inspired you to start GBO Fashion?  Well, you can read the full account here, but to make a long story short, the idea for GBO Fashion stemmed from a wanting to get my sister’s opinions on my outfits even though we lived hundreds of miles away from each other. Originally, I had no intentions of even making it a public blog. But then I discovered what a creative outlet it was for me and I figured, go big or go home! Right? Right guys? Bueller? Bueller?

Name three beauty products you couldn’t live without:  Dior Show’s Blackout Mascara, L’Oreal lipstick in Toasted Almond (#843) and Clearasil Pads. Yes, I know you’re supposed to graduate from using those after the age of 14, but the truth is that this lazy turd of a girl would probably never wash her face if it weren’t for those thangs. So I always keep them in stock.

How would you describe your style?  Ooooh – this is a tough one for me. I think I’d describe it as fairly classic? With a hint of… girliness and femininity? I’m not even sure. I am drawn to so many different styles. I’m also a firm believer that you should reserve the right to rock whatever style you feel like rocking that day! Life is too short to be confined to one thing. Right? Right guys? Bueller? Bueller?

To discover more about Shannon, visit GBO Fashion.

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