As I was getting ready for work this morning, I took a moment to reflect on how much I love my flat irons (yes, sometimes my thoughts are really deep). I’m sure we all have items like this, those things that make our lives easier, prettier, more fabulous or fun. I wanted to share mine with you today – and discover what yours are too! This list actually started out as ‘five things’, but quickly became ten… it seems there’s a lot I can’t live without!

What one (or ten!) items do you use every day (and if you went away on vacation and forgot them, you’d be lost!)?

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Ten Things: My Daily Must-Haves

1.  iPod Classic   (I’m a classic gal, love the click wheel! Who doesn’t enjoy a little music on a run or working at their desk)
2.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag   (I use this every single day – it’s currently on sale until the end of today!)
YSL Lipstick in #13 Le Orange   (Glam and pretty in an instant! This color is also Kourtney Kardashian’s signature)
4.  Juicy Couture Perfume   (This is my signature scent, it instantly makes me feel fresh and pretty)
5.  DDF Wrinkle Resist Face Moisturizer   (I use this morning and night, I love it! It’s also a favorite of Giuliana Rancic’s)
6.  GHD Flat Irons   (These are literally the best – they stay super hot and you can straighten or curl to perfection)
7.  M.A.C Concealer   (This has great coverage, an excellent color range and lasts all day!)
8.  M.A.C Eyeliner   (I am addicted – I feel like I don’t have eyes without it! This is perfect for a lovely delicate line)
Maybelline Mascara, non-waterproof   (Wallet friendly, lengthening, volumizing, no clumps… it’s perfect!)
10.  Papaw Ointmenttube, or large tub   (Pure magic! I use it as a lip balm, eye makeup remover and anti-wrinkle cream!)

 So tell me… what are your daily must-haves?

Enjoy a fabulous Thursday – and thank you so much for reading Style Elixir, your comments and emails make my day!


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