I’m sure you can relate when I say this, lately I’ve been feeling like life just rushes by so quickly. Days pass in a flash, weeks go flying at breakneck speed and before we know it, we’re ringing in another new year. 
With smartphones the norm, we’re constantly expected to be connected. It’s almost impossible to switch off from the world and take a moment all to yourself, simply to just be. I must admit, I’ve struggled with this in recent months. However, I read an article last weekend about being in the now, appreciating the little things and truly soaking in those seemingly insignificant moments, that I’m sure years from now we may look back on and yearn for so palpably.

It’s called mindfulness – and in the multi-tasking world we live in today, practicing it is certainly an art form. With origins in Buddhism, Yoga and Taoism, mindfulness is all about purposefully paying attention to and fully experiencing the present moment. I’m sure we’ve all driven somewhere and later realized we don’t actually remember the journey we took, or eaten a meal without truly tasting it.

For moments of mindfulness, look to Instagram! Stop to smell the roses, spend time with those you love, truly taste and enjoy your food and champagne, feel your feet on the ground and take moments just for you.

Practicing mindfulness has a number of benefits, the key aspect is the ability to become more connected to not only ourselves, but also the people and the world around us. It can help us understand situations with enhanced clarity, respond to difficult circumstances better and be more resilient in work or home life. Even Google is on board. The company has trained more than one thousand of their employees in mindfulness, recognizing it’s capacity to bring innovation and creativity to the work place, as well as improve wellbeing.

I love the sound of this, I think it’s so easy to become disconnected and live life on auto-pilot. This week, I’ve tried to become more mindful, even through simple little things. Like each morning and night, as I’ve been walking to and from work, I have left my phone in my handbag (I admit, I have gone to reach for it a few times and had to say “no, don’t!” to myself). Without having my head in the phone, I actually take in what’s around me, hear sounds I normally wouldn’t notice and see the sun, city lights or the moon.

One person who I truly admire for her mindfulness is Casey Wiegand. Her blog is amazing, filled with words and beautiful images that capture the little moments we later look back on and cherish. I always feel refreshed, inspired and connected after a visit to Casey’s blog (she’s also one of the sweetest people you’ll meet!). If you would like to join me and add more mindfulness to your own life, I thought I’d share some of the tips I have discovered…
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Is mindfulness something you would also like to work on adding more to your life? 
Do you have any of your own tips for being more present and connected? Which tip would you like to try?
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