Happy Friday everyone!! This is an especially exciting end to the week – because it marks the beginning of three whole weeks with no work! I seriously love Christmas right now.

Last night Chris and I went for what may be described as the most unproductive gift shopping mission, ever. We were meant to be there to shop for all his Christmas presents, plus the final one I need is a hamper I’m putting together for his family. Long story, short? We did everything but. 

Not long after we arrived, I made some Reindeer friends. 
They were beyond adorable, I want one as a little friend for Ollie! 
But apparently, that isn’t a good idea. Why are you so practical, Chris?

This was followed by an encounter with a Donkey.

And an iPad.

Pretty soon, we were beat. Dinner and wine time! 
Club Sandwich and a Sauv Blanc is where it’s at.

Dessert? My Christmas staple – a Starbucks Gingerbread Frappuccino.

So what shopping actually went down you may ask?

Well, I bought myself some pretty new jewels for the festive season. Um hello, I can’t turn up to give people their gifts without looking all sparkly myself.

I also plan to now spend the holidays with Lauren, Kyle, Kendra and Kris.

I did manage to find some cute OPI gift sets. 
To: Me
From: Me

The one minor success? 
A basket for the gift hamper I’m making. Shame it’s still empty.

I hope your Christmas shopping has been a little more productive than mine.
I’m off to battle the stores again tomorrow – strictly hamper items only! 
Oh, ok and maybe a little gingerbread man to keep me going.


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