Lately, I’ve been hearing quite a lot about Yahoo! CEO, Marissa Mayer. With a dazzling career in the traditionally male dominated tech industry, during her tenure Marissa has been involved in acquisitions, new product launches and policy changes, which have seen the Yahoo! share price increase by 60%.

It’s an impressive feat for anyone, let alone a woman balancing this with life as a new mom! Recently though, Marissa caused even more of a stir… posing for the September issue of Vogue magazine. Considered a somewhat controversial move for such a high profile CEO, everyone from Wall Street traders to High Street darlings have been weighing in.


Her recent Vogue interview is accompanied by a polished, high fashion photo (above) featuring Marissa reclining on a lounge bed, perfectly coiffed from head to toe and sporting a tablet picturing her own face. A debate ensued the world over, raising the question – is this inappropriate for one of the world’s most influential business identities?

I personally think it’s fantastic, delivering a message that you can be incredibly smart and impeccably stylish, you can embrace your femininity and still be a strong, powerful leader. However, it was also interesting to hear my boyfriend Chris’s thoughts – he believed that it isn’t an appropriate move for someone of her stature, “she should be focused on running a business and not modelling in a magazine”.

As you probably know, I do appreciate a good debate – a sharing of the minds if you will. So I’d love to know your thoughts… do you think Marissa’s Vogue feature is fabulous or a business faux pas?

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