Today I’d love to delve into the new-age question everyone’s asking… What is BB cream?

Well, my fellow beauty lover, to put it simply, BB cream stands for beauty balm. I started using these just over a year ago and absolutely love them! My favorite thing? It’s everything you need in one little tube. Basically, BB creams act as all-in-one skincare and makeup after cleansing. So they are a moisturizer, a primer, many have sunscreen added in (which is always a good thing!), plus skin care elements including vitamins…. and for the pièce de résistance… they act as a concealer and foundation!

I adore a natural, glowing, fresh face and have found BB creams inject just the perfect amount of coverage, so you can pretty much pass for saying “I woke up like this”.

What is BB cream makeup review bare minerals complexion rescue MAC bb cream beauty blogger fashion blog style elixir lauren slade

Although this revolutionary product is manufactured by most leading cosmetic brands and has been stocked in countless US drugstores since 2011, market research found that only 2% of shoppers have purchased a BB cream. However, four out of five people who did try this product said they would definitely buy it again.

I’d love to know, have you personally used a BB cream? Which one did you try and what were your thoughts?

I’ve road tested quite a few in my BB cream journey this past year and wanted to share my two favorites with you today…

What is BB cream makeup review bare minerals complexion rescue MAC bb cream beauty blogger fashion blog style elixir lauren slade

SHOP – What Is BB Cream:  M.A.C BB Cream    |    Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue


My numero uno? The M.A.C BB Cream. It is my go-to for everyday and thankfully cuts my morning makeup routine down to between 5 – 10 minutes (yay!). For reference, my color is Light Plus and the good thing is you don’t have to be as particular with your color as you do a normal foundation.  Light Plus is the mid-range shade and I’ve actually shared it with a few of my friends on occasions and because of the consistency and formula, it blends and adapts really well to varying skin tones. Oh and you don’t need much, so it truly lasts forever (and by ‘forever’, I mean I bought my current tube 5 months ago and it’s still going strong).

It’s hard playing favorites, by the other BB cream I adore is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (and clearly, with over 2,994 loves and 5 star reviews on Sephora, I’m not alone in my obsession!).

Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief BB Cream didn’t originate in Asia. It was first developed in Germany by a dermatologist… but quickly spread globally and become a phenomenon throughout South Korea and then moved into Asia.
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