I often educate Chris on various things about being a girl… like how it’s basically impossible to apply mascara without keeping your mouth open. Over the weekend we were talking celeb news (obviously a topic he relishes!) and discussing Miley Cyrus. I asked if he thought she might go down a dark path in the future (a la Lindsay Lohan) and also mentioned how I could tell something was up with her a while ago, when she drastically changed her hair. I then continued on to make a sweeping statement, which is that you can always tell when a woman is going through something because she changes her hair!

What do you think? I’ve noticed when friends have gone through breakup’s, they color their hair drastically. Or if they’re embarking on a fresh life phase, they may cut their hair to represent it. Just look at Kim Kardashian’s new blonde ‘do, or Giuliana Rancic’s hair cut since they became moms.

UP Kim-Kardashian-Debuts-Blonde-Hair-Post-Baby-2013

Of course there’s also the celebrity hair styles that have eluded to deeper trouble, like when Britney Spears shaved her head or when Amanda Bynes did something similar…

 photo BritneySpearsAmandaBynesMileyCyrusHairShaveCollage_zpsa5daac53.jpg

Chris was mildly concerned when I said this, as I have recently undergone a big hair cut… but I reassured him it was signifying positive changes and I wasn’t about to have a Britney circa 2008 moment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… do you think women change their hair, consciously or sub-consciously, as a way to mark a new chapter or significant change? Have you ever done this too? Please share!

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